Bungee - Proxy DockerizedCraft - Core 0.2.2

Dockerize your Network and automatize the BungeeCord Proxy

  1. Docker Event Listener

    • Automaticly listens on docker events
    • Add Servers to BungeeCord on Container starts
    • Remove Servers from BungeeCord on Container stops
    • Configurable add and remove actions (yes also health-checks are possible)
    • Inspects all running containers as soon as BungeeCord starts to add all running servers
    • Never maintain your BungeeCoord server config manually again!
    Connection Balancer

    • Supports Server Groups
    • Default Connection Group (Fallback/Default servers)
    • Forced host for full groups (i.e. eu lobbies and us lobbies)
    • Listens on Container events to add servers to groups (i.e SERVER_GROUP environment variable)
    • Connection Balancing Strategies
      • balanced: Connect Players to the Server of the group with the fewest players
      • More will follow!
    • Does not overwrite restrictions!

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