Does anybody know how to hide the IP of the server itself?

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  1. With the server, I mean the MineCraft server, not the BungeeCord proxy.
  2. By default a player does not know the ip and port of the minecraft servers when you are using bungeecord.
  3. Probably you forgot to remove the port forwarding of the servers behind the bungee.
  4. Apparently, there’s an exploit that allows players to see that.
  5. The BungeeCord is hosted somewhere else than the Minecraft server, so that’s why the Minecraft server needs to stay port forwarded. Also, I think you misunderstood me.
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  6. Then describe the problem better.

    Does someone joined a server without using your bungee server?
  7. I am trying to prevent people from knowing the IP of the host of the Minecraft server. Not the BungeeCord, only the server. This is in help because I do not know how to prevent this myself
  8. No such exploit exists at least not in the base software.

    What people can do is port scanning your host's ip addresses and find the minecraft server through that way.

    If your security concept relies on people not knowing the ip address / port, something is going wrong anyway. Please consult on how to properly secure your backend minecraft servers.
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  9. So this person’s question doesn’t make sense since the server’s IP isn’t public only bungee’s and usually the server’s IP usually uses local IP for added protection
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  10. OP, you need to firewall off your Spigot servers.

    • If your Bungeecord and Spigot servers are on the same server: Firewall off the spigot servers ports
    • If your Bungeecord and Spigot servers are on separate servers, to which you have SSH access: Add a firewall to only allow access to the spigot server ports from the Bungeecord server IP
    • If you're using shared hosting: Install BungeeGuard

    This is 100% wrong. Please stop shilling shit if you have no clue what's going on.
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