Does anyone code/know LibGDX?

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  1. I'm just curious, does anyone in this community have any knowledge in this api? It is for java, so some people might know what it is.

    I myself is working on a game for fun and would like an overview of people I can look to.

    Tell me anything you might have made!
  2. I was going to use it. Learned some things about the API but learned Swift and used SpriteKit (2D game framework for iOS/macOS/tvOS devices by Apple) for an iOS game.

    Looks confusing IMO :p at least compared to SpriteKit

    I know @Rocoty has some knowledge of this API;)
  3. Nice, I was going to stick to an API like Slick2D which was much easier to use. But my friends convinced me to switch.

    It wasn't easy but it taught me new principles when it came to game development like GWT and the use of interfaces for multi platform development. It also got me to understand 3d and how it basically works. Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty simple!

    Just sucks I can't export my games to iOS as well since I don't have a single Apple device. :p
    Thanks for the contact, I wish you luck in the world of SpriteKit!
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