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Does anyone know how to fix

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by RohDawg1998, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. 14.06 15:33:28 [Server] INFO [15:33:28 INFO]: [Server] ?9http://www.multicraft.org
    14.06 15:33:28 [Server] INFO [15:33:28 INFO]: [Server] ?7This server is run by

    getting this randomley in my chat
  2. I just want to get rid of it
  3. What is the server running on?
  4. Presume you are using Multicraft? If so head to the advanced dropdown menu and select Scheduled tasks. In there you will find a list of task such as /say which will announce who the server is hosted by etc. Just click into them and delete the task.
  5. nah my multicraft version doesnt have scheduled tasks
  6. Only other thing I can think about is the host has limited you from changing tasks, or you are using a free version of Multicraft. Hope you get this resolved :)
  7. yea thanks :)

    are you good at minecraft servers ?
  8. I would consider myself to be average. But there would be many other dedicated people on the forums that would be far better than me :)
  9. I am got mine on a 16GB dedicated.
  10. can I add you guys on skype ?
  11. Dude it's easy :D

    Just remove /say command with mycommand plugin
    Write in the config http://pastebin.com/AfgZ4tRH

    You won't be able to use /say, but you can use Essentials /broadcast command :)
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  12. My skype is my name.
  13. what do you mean remove /say