Does anyone know of a up to date plugin like PayForAccess.

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  1. This plugin i heavily behind on the updates.

    I am looking for a plugin that that would charge a player to go into a zone or area.

    A few other kinds of plugins that would work are like...

    1. ActionZones
    2. iZone
    Running commands when someone enters a zone would be handy instead like the above plugin ActionZones
  2. How should the plugin work? Should it have it's own regions or should it work with for example WorldEdit regions? Please explain what you are looking for.
  3. WorldGuard...
    You can use permissions for groups to access certain regions.

  4. Really anything will do. Ideally I'd like to be able to select with WorldEdit wand.

    I'd be fine with it charging once when the player enters but would love it to charge a set amount of money for every X seconds inside the zone.

    I want this so people pay to access the spawn's mob farm. Honestly ActionZones is the best for me because having commands run would be handy.

    So here's the ideal idea summed up A plugin that runs specified commands for every x seconds inside a zone. Zone would be defined with a WorldEdit wand and plugin command. It would deny the player access or block them from kiling mobs or using items/wepons inside the region if he/she does not have enough money. It would teleport the player outside the entrance if he/she runs out of money.

    IF <event> DO <command>

    for example if a player places a flower then it would give them a diamond with /give command. I know it's a bit confussing but I'm more than happy to answer any questions.

    I know it's hard to find such a specific plugin but if you know anything close then that would be awesome for now.
  5. I have something like that set up. If you set your permissions right you will need nothing more then Essentials and Worldguard to achieve this:

    I have an area (MineZone) in which players do not have access to any tp commands like tpa, tpaccept, sethome etc. Within that area are several enclosed buildings (holding either a mine or a spawnroom) without any way of getting in or out, except for a warp. The only way to use that warp is from essentials warp signs in the main building, which also show and charge the entry fee. Inside each building is a warp back to that main building, and from there they can do /spawn to get out of the region!
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  6. That sounds like it could work but I'd like it to be more walking in the room and leave without any warps. I will look into this though
  7. Could you make a list of everything you want this plugin to do, I may be able to code it for you because it sounds pretty easy to make.
  8. Really?! thanks.

    (s) means multiple and single.
    1. choice to run command(s) every x ticks/seconds.
    2. choice to run command(s) every time a player leaves or/and exits an area.
    3. choice to have cooldown and warmup options.
    4. $player tag or placeholderAPI support.
    5. Per zone permissions like <pluginName>.use.<zoneName>
    6. choice to run commands as console if op only wants zones to be able to use a command like /say. For example /say would run when a player enters the zone but won't run if the player types the command in himself. Even if he's in the zone.
    7. Use worldedit wand to define zones.
    8. Use worldgaurdflags to protect the zone from players who don;t have the required permissions or are not the owner of said zones.
    9. If zones overlap then they become one zone and the biggest one is the parent zone.
    These are not required.
    1. If a player walks over a 1x1 zone then have it so it only detects when you walk northwards into the zone. (this one is not required)
    2. mob support so when a creeper walks into the zone; the server runs a command that kills that or denies it entry.
    The closet one I've found is ActionZones. MyCommand has the right idea, just want to be able to do what MyCommand does with zones.

    Any questions then pm and i can provide my skype. Sorry for the slow reply.