Does anyone know what happend to ExtendedViewDistance

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by TMCThomas00, Jan 23, 2020.

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  1. I downloaded this plugin called ExtendedViewDistance a few weeks ago. It was pretty amazing because it could extended the view distance without actually ticking the plots so people can have large render distances without lagging the server. However the plugin + the api's required have al disappeared from spigotmc. (see this link: And I wondered if anyone knows why. Was there some security thread or something and should I remove it? It's especially odd since the Dev was very active and updated it multiple times a week. So I wondered if anyone know what happend to it?

    Greetings Thomas
  2. Hello, have you tried this?

  3. I don't think you understood me (or I don't understand you?)
    anyway for anyone interested I found some new info: the name of the developer was XUAN_Cat, this is what reads on the google discription of one of the api's used for the plugin: "Publishing a good plugin turned out to be the wrong decision. For this reason, there is no good plugin anymore. Don't want to post high-quality plugins in forum admins who don't even understand bug reports." Could any of the forum admins comment on this, what happend, is there something wrong with it? @md_5 ?

    This is the one with the discription:
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  4. Try using this as a replacement I guess.
  5. Puremin0rez


    It was removed for being incompatible with Spigot.
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  6. The same happened to Best View Distance. I was on that page just a few days ago, asking for an update for 1.15.2.
  7. How is it incompatible with Spigot?
  8. Optic_Fusion1

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    anything that's paper only gets removed
  9. Well, that’s lame. Is there anywhere else where we can find these plugins?

    Edit: It’s not lame. It makes sense.
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    Lame? Why's that lame?
    It's basically the same as selling an xbox only game on steam. If i remember correctly it was using paper only stuff.

    (Assuming i'm thinking of the right plugin anyways)
  11. That’s not quite a fair comparison as Xbox isn’t exactly a fork of Steam.

    However, I do wholly understand Spigot’s reasoning for taking down plugins that can’t be used with Spigot.
    It is a shame, though, as those plugins were fantastic, and I’d love to use them.

    Edit: I just found Best View Distance on the PaperMC forums, but it is an outdated version. The updates were available on Spigot, and now they’re not. I’ll ask the developer of the plugin to make the latest versions of this plugin available on the PaperMC forums.
  12. Optic_Fusion1

    Resource Staff is for spigot ONLY plugins, which means as soon as you start using paper only stuff, it's no longer a SPIGOT plugin, but instead a PAPER plugin, due to the usage of paper only methods.
  13. Yes, like I said, I understand their reasoning. I agree with you.

    Maybe the Paper devs should create their own page for hosting Paper-only plugins.
  14. I am not kidding when I say they do, it isn't that hard to do a google search.
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  15. That isn’t a place for Paper-only plugins. Most plugins posted there work fine on Spigot and even CraftBukkit.
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    The reason for my comparison btw is because they're incompatible in more ways than one & because it doesn't belong on that store front because it doesn't make sense for it to be on said store front, again for a variety of reasons.(paper only plugins aren't compatible with spigot servers, so there's no reason they should belong on this site) (comparisons don't have to be 100% obvious btw ;) )
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  17. Puremin0rez


    It requires Paper. Therefore, it is incompatible with anyone using a Spigot server.

    Not sure why people are surprised that resources that don't work with Spigot get removed... this is the Spigot website.

    Resources can extend functionality with whatever server fork or libraries they want, but the main functionality needs to be usable on Spigot.
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  18. Fucked such a nice plugin shame on you
    How can it be incompatible? If I run it on your Spigot
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  19. this plugin sounds like a very useful one for a creative world, sadly I didn't notice it when it was downloadable, anyone still has jar?

    EDIT: got the plugin by joining one server who has it and asking the owner, he was really kind to share it, if anyone needs it, PM me and I will send, it's incredibly useful plugin :O
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  20. MiniDigger


    Many plugins on here use paper only apis to provide a better experience to users. Async chunk loading for teleports in essentials for example. U wanna remove essentials now because their developers decided to provide a better experience to some (statistically almost 40%) users?
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