Does anyone know why the error? RespawnEvent [Resolved]

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  1. When the player contain the list of warp when respawn it will be teleported to the lobby of the warp but an error

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  2. line 37 is returning a null pointer exception which means you are trying to find something that doesn't exist, whether it be a player that doesn't exists etc, always check if something is null before using it, and also... Next time don't come to the forums, use this tutorial to help you solve these simple problems yourself

    And I can't help you fix the code if you give me a snippet because I don't know what line 37 of is
  3. World w = Bukkit.getServer().getWorld(plugin.getConfig().getString(
  4. Is the String from the Config loaded correctly?
    Is there even a world with that name?

    Putting in some debugging messages would help.