Does anyone recommend ovh?

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  1. We need more details, how many people are on at the same time etc
  2. Almost everybody here on spigot recommends ovh the question would be who doesent
  3. OVH are good for people with a low budget, but bear in mind their network is heavily oversold. Their total capacity for DDoS protection as far as I know is 480gbps, but that is shared with 150,000+ other servers. (That equals at about 0.0032 gbps of protection per server if shared equally). The DDoS protection is fine for smaller servers, not so much for larger servers of which will be targeted for DDoS attacks quite often. Though, you will not get as much bang for your back anywhere else.
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  4. OVH is pretty good, but their protection is hit and miss. I've mostly seen people praise it, but it seems to barely work at all for some people.
    I've personally had a machine with OVH for two years, been hit twice, both attacks where mitigated flawlessly.
    Source? :)
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  5. This link from OVH's blog states that they have over 150,000 servers (Under the heading 'About'). But that was written in July 2013 and is probably quite different now.

    I performed the calculations my self (please excuse me if I got them wrong).
  6. You're forgetting that the "480Gbps" is per firewall rack, not their collective strength. You can't advertise a certain amount of protection across multiple datacentres.
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  7. Ah right, wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the info :)
  8. Is there a way that I can get better ddos protection because I'm getting hit off at least 2 times a day. I haven't done much research but is proxypipe a firewall for ddos? Does anyone recommend the package I'm getting or no....
  9. Let's say 50-200.
  10. They are pretty good. I have a 8 GB server from them. I only pay $22 a month and it is great. Cheap and good! I would recommend them. I would also use IPv6 for the website as that hides all the real IPs from domain resolvers. (Well on CloudFlare)
  11. Hmm, very interesting.
    And 152 days ago, I tried out the CK patchset for the linux kernel, which required a reboot.
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  12. Inkzzz

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    I owned a server running on OVH and it easily got Dossed many times...
  13. Can confirm, have had CI server running for 6 months now.
  14. [​IMG]

    Since the day I bought it! :D
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    Have a look at the price.
  16. There is many ways to avoid DDoS attacks which bypass OVH's filters.
  17. We offer reverse proxies that allow you to DDoS protect your server without switching providers. If you wish to have a trial or have any more questions, feel free to contact us.

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  18. uh

    it's "480 gb" for their entire datacenter (in bhs)

    and I think they decreased it to 360gb or something.

    480 gb for that many servers

    yea im going to pass.