Does bukkit plugins work with Spigot?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by pepper_coco, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. Just wondering if all bukkit plugins work with Spigot. This is useful information as I would like to switch my server over from bukkit to Spigot, but without having to drag all new jars over.

    Just clarification: If I switch my server from bukkit to Spigot, will all my plugins work and function correctly?
  2. Jigsaw


    Spigot was designed so that it would not break CraftBukkit plugins. That being said, you should still test out all your plugins on a test server just to be safe. :)
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  3. jeff142


    Most of them (all most all i haven't found any) will work with spigot
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  4. I was once having trouble with DisguiseCraft with Spigot. That was a while ago and it's probably fixed. But it is still very possible for plugins to break with Spigot.

    EDIT: So many people disagree! But it IS true that Disguisecraft has broke with this. But it is unlikely.
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  5. joehot200


    Plugins that tap directly into the minecraft server API may be broken, like ones that (for example) presume server checks hoppers everu 8 ticks, wheras spigot changes it, etc.
    Or that mobs were always moving at full speed, so tried to make a mob follow a player at a far distance, (Out of the entity activation range).
    So it could affect a few plugins like that,

    However, all plugins that use the BUKKIT API (99% of them do) will NOT be broken.
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  6. All of the plugins I have are working fine on Spigot, I have 47 plugins at the moment xD
  7. joehot200


    Yup, let me put that to 99.8% of plugins :p
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