Does EntityTrackerFixer work?

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  1. Is the plugin EntityTrackerFixer necessary on a 1.15.2 PaperMC server? And more importantly, does it actually prevent lag in 1.15.2?

    It sounds promising, but I’m just wondering why I have never heard about this plugin. If it works, surely it should be mentioned in the various optimizaton posts like this big one by Celebrimbor.

    Edit: Now that I clicked on the “Fix Entity Lag” plugin link in the aforementioned optimization thread, it actually links to EntityTrackerFixer. It says that this plugin is only recommended for “severe entity lag” and that unknown bugs may exist (which is true for all software). That thread was written over two years ago, though, so the plugin might have improved in recent years.
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    The note about that plugin was added on September 10, 2019. The thread has evolved for two years, it is not static info from two years ago.
  3. I’m aware that the thread is being updated thanks to the edit date at the bottom. I wasn’t sure how old this particular piece of information was, though. Thanks for letting me know!

    I’m still not sure why the plugin isn’t recommended outside dire circumstances, though. “Unknown bugs may exist” isn’t really a valid reason as the same can be said for any piece of software. I feel as though it should be a bit more specific.
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    That plugin doesn't do anything that the default spigot configuration doesn't do (entity activation range).
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