Does it make sense to take 5 cores for the server? i9 9900K

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  1. I am going to buy a vps for i9 9900K with 5 cores, the question arose whether minecraft can use all these cores for the server if I use Paper

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  2. possibly. maybe some of them won't be in use depending on which version, amount of plugins, etc will be used
  3. I generally recommend minimum 4 cores, so if you want to give it 1 more, go for it.
  4. 4 cores or 4 logical cores (thread) ?
  5. I9 9900K
    8 Core
    16 thread

    vCore = thread = 2 thread = 1 Core
    6 vCore = 3 Core
  6. I mean what aikar suggested to use. Is paperspigot recommend 4 cores or 4 threads
  7. well v cores yes is ambiguous, but hopefully your host if giving you 4 v cores is still at least a degree of parallelism of 4.

    Main Thread = full core itself
    WorldGen/Light = good solid chunk of 1-2 threads PER WORLD. So if you have 3 heavily active worlds, this can use up to 3-6 threads. (CAP SERVER THREAD POOL - Max Cores - 2, so 6 core CPU uses 4 threads)
    Plugins = Unlimited thread potential
    Networking = Scales thread count based on cpu. Low core count will give less threads for networking.
    Region IO and Compression Operations: 1 thread
    (Paper specific) Chunk Loading NBT and Conversion multiple threads, (Separate pool, Scaled by core count)
    (Paper Specific) Anti Xray (CAP SERVER THREAD POOL - Max Cores - 2, so 6 core CPU uses 4 threads)

    So as you see, there is a decent degree of parallelism. Less cores you have, the more sharing potential.

    And if you run more than 1 instance on the machine, well multiple those numbers!

    If your host gives you a number less than 4, that is bad. If its 4 "v cores", but host lied and only gave you 1 core thats fakely represented as 4, then thats bad but you won't know outside of shit performance.

    Just hope for a 4+ (and more ideally) number. As long as the core performance isnt bad, more wont hurt you.
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