Does More Plugins Effect Server Performance

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  1. Hello,

    So I've always wondered. I've had many people tell me "more plugins you have the more lagg you will deal with"

    I've never understood if this is something true or not?

    Does adding more plugins say on a 1GB host . Will it make server performance weaker meaning more ram is being used / data and make your server more laggy? Or is that a myth?
  2. Technically speaking yes. More plugins means more operations and processing, however depending on the plugin it is usually negligible.
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  3. Interesting thank you.
  4. It is true. Plugins do things and listen for events, such as for example, when you place or break a block. If you have 1 plugin listening for every block break, and doing something after, it's like a feather. But imagine 100 plugins listening for block breaks and doing operations each one. It takes some time, and you can notice that lag.

    It always has an impact, plugins also store stuff, such as Essentials stores your balance. However, if you don't exaggerate, it shouldn't be a concern.
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  5. To many plugins on a 1GB host (especially bad plugins) will lower server performance, but it can be avoided by getting a stronger server.

    Some plugins use flat files to save their data which can also cause lag if you have many players on a 1GB server.

    Using a database to save your player data can increase your server performance overall.
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  6. Interesting and very informative thank you ^.^
  7. There is no answer to your question. It all depends on what kind of plugins you have:
    2 big plugins can use as much resources as 30 small plugins.
    2 poorly coded plugins can use more resources than 30 normal plugins.

    When you want to get plugins you don't really have to worry that much about how many you're getting, worry more about its size, functions and if the author is a reliable developer.

    Hope this helped.
  8. Maximvdw


    Think like this.

    You have 1 reporter waiting in front of the door of a celeb to ask 100 questions or you have 100 reporters waiting in front of the door to each ask 1 question. What will take longer?

    To explain the above: the more plugins you have that 'kinda' do the same thing the more resources you are wasting - because each plugin will do their own checks, their own tasks on specific events.
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  9. No Answer. But i think it is