Does this plugin exist?

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  1. Hey, I tried searching around but couldn't find a plugin that does this. Basically, it would run server wide boosts for a specified amount of time after some trigger such as a command. For example, the plugin could allow you to make a "double xp weeekend" where you set a 2x boost on the amount of XP players gain for 48h.

    I've heard of servers that have features like this, but can't find any public plugins for it. Does anybody know if one exists?
  2. If not found I can try to make it.
  3. Actual Minecraft experience? Never seen this, most servers would have double XP for network levels and such, not actual Minecraft experience, which is why there are likely no plugins available for this.
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  4. EXP was just an example. I'm already making a plugin to do XP boosts and hooks to boost other things, but was hoping something like this already existed.
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    If it doesn't exist and you want hooks for different plugins you could just use BuyCraft and set the purchase limit to 1 on the booster package. Once the time runs out for the boost the purchase limit would go back to 0. I know it's not ideal but if you're looking for a quick and easy solution, that might work. :)
  6. The main problem with that is a server-wide booster needs to work with every plugin that enhances a players experience, whereas servers like Hypixel & The Hive have them, they have been made by themself, therefor they can integrate a booster system with their own plugin. Making a plugin like that would need to add hundreds, if not thousands of different plugins, and the API of different plugins vary, and hardly any of them have a booster enhancement, and it would be varying levels of Hard, Really Hard, and omg thats so hard i wanna die, due to what the Developer gives you.

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  7. I know a doubleXP plugin. If still in need pm me for it.
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