Does this plugin exist?

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  1. Hey Spigot, I hope you all enjoy the summer/vacation :)

    I am looking for a plugin but I cant seem to find it. I need a plugin that can increase mining speed to the double for like 1 min. I have OneTimeUse so if theres a plugin we could use with a tempoary command or permission it would work fine.

    So I pretty much need a plugin that can:

    Increase block breaking speed for players for a period of time
    I guess prison servers use this but I am not sure, but I have seen it on some.


    A plugin that doubles the reward for mining blocks. So you could like get 10 min multiplier where you get x2 stone when you mine one and 2 dirt when you dig 1 dirt

    Thank you in advance!
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  2. I'm pretty sure most Prison servers either use MCMMO or have custom made plugins that do something similar.
  3. Maybe just give them a haste effect (with no particles) for 1 minute?
  4. Yeah maybe haste could work, but that would require a plugin with effects wouldnt it? Or is that possible to do with like essentials or some other common plugins?
  5. The first command would be fine. But just in case I'd use /minecraft:effect (execute it from console, so exclude the slash) since some other plugin might override /effect.

    MyCommand would be pointless since its already built into Minecraft.
  6. MyCommand would make it significantly easier then setting up command blocks, unless you mean some other way that I am just not aware of I do not tend to ever really set custom commands too often.