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  1. I'm running a very small server, nothing major. We're talking under 10 weekly players, still really early.
    I have no goals in mind and won't shut it down or anything, but I do keep votes because a small amount of new players are always necessary to keep it interesting for faithful regulars and I would like to gain them sooner.

    Is listing my server on a vote site for a measly 10-25 votes a month even worth it? I want to disable voting for two reasons:
    1. I am asking my most faithful players to waste their time filling out pictures of crosswalks
    2. I hate Google Recaptcha that much (very complex moral reasons.)

    Unless some experienced community members would insist that voting is the best use of time spent promoting a server, it's pretty certainly going off. Some alternatives I have considered:

    1. Paying in-game referral bonus, I could easily collect IGN from new players in the menu or tutorial process.
    2. Rewarding players who stream the server (I could write something to poll the Twitch API for each opted in user. It could count in minutes those who stream while logged in to the server. Exploitable, but easy to catch.)
    3. Continuing to stream it myself for 1-2 new weekly players (1 a month sticks around.)

    In summary I'm not very good at promotion, but if anybody has such advice that doesn't involve voting I would love to see it. I don't care if it's difficult. Thank you!
  2. Voting allows your server to be out there. Giving rewards and reminders make your players want to vote. If you choose to remove your server from all the server listings websites, you wont grow. In fact, your server will fail.

    Also referals are great. There's a few different referal plugins that work well.
  3. We've had quite a few 'groups' of players who found our servers and when we ask them how they found us they let us know things like "we were searching for an 'x' server and found yours, so we all joined here to try it out".

    Having those players on actively, means more friends, and friends of friends join, and since it increases activity, others who try the server out see it's active, and stay around -

    so yeah, voting helps.
  4. I agree with what has been said but I'd like to add that if you want to grow your server, go for those alternatives as well.
    I mainly like the in-game referral bonus and rewarding streamers. I'd say streaming gameplay yourself isn't worth it unless you have got some followers already. But if you enjoy streaming, it definitely won't do any harm.
  5. Realistically, voting is never going to get you far enough up the lists that people visit those sites and find you in say, the first ten pages, I doubt many people look far beyond that region. However, as others pointed out, this does not make it worthless. On sites like PMC, having more votes/diamonds makes you’re server look both more busy and popular, thus making it more attractive to viewers in comparison to other ‘bumped’ servers that may be less popular. It can also have other more obscure benefits, one that comes to mind being requiring a rank of 800 or above to be legible for sponsored slots. Another thing I’ve noticed is that even when I post a server and it ends up at the back of a list with zero votes, weeks later people still stumble across my IP, and since it is listed nowhere else, I know they must have come from those deep, near bottom list pages.

    EDIT: To clarify, yes, I think voting (on the right lists) is definitely beneficial, but just don't expect to be top of the list any time soon. Even so, you hardly have anything to lose in allowing it.
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  6. I mostly agree with AnarchistDev about it not really making a huge difference how many votes you get until you get into the first or second page. I do notice though that with a niche market like survival economy or vanilla, players who search specifically for that on some sites, you could be the first or second listing on there even if you are on the 10th page of the overall listing. I have had several players join my server because I was one of the first ones on the list when they specifically searched for "survival servers" and I am not even that high up on the overall list.
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