Domain for minecraft server and website (NEED HELP)

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  1. Hi there!
    For some time we have only used a domain that we bought through godaddy for our minecraft server. Recently we have however decided to add a website aswell. We have however ran into an issue.. We can't seem to figure out how to use the domain that we bought both for our website (that we run on weebly), and also the minecraft server itself at the same time. Only one of them will work at a time. Since I know that bigger servers such as Mineplex use the same domain for website and server, so it has to be possible. Do any of you guys know how to?

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  2. Ah, I do not know this site very well, I prefer OVH ^^
    Can you give us a screen of your config to check if it is well configured?
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  3. Uh? We use OVH aswell xD
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  4. We currently use OVH for the mc server, godaddy for domain and weebly for website.
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  5. Oh, all right, we should see if you have set up your domain name correctly
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  6. Using godaddy domain for minecraft only works fine, using it for only website works just fine aswell. The problem is that we can't seem to find out how to do both.
  7. Yes, you have probably made a mistake in the configuration
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  8. I do not think your host limits you to a single dns ;)
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  9. If you mean in the Godaddy DNS Management then yes of course. What should we put in there to make both work?
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  10. As I said above, I would need you to take a picture of your configuration, to check if everything is good
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  11. Well it obviously is not. What would you put in there? I don't see why looking at mine would be to any help, as it doesn't work and we've been messing around with it.
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  12. It would allow us to help you identify a problem otherwise we cannot help you. If you're this stubborn about letting us help you and giving us some information then lock the thread.

    Using CloudFlare would be the first step in the right direction.
  13. Strahan


    What names are you using? Are you trying to make work for both the website and MC? If so, you need a SRV record. Really though, you'd be better off just doing for the site and for the MC server. That's how many people set it up. I had mine set so if someone went to the domain with no subdomain it just shunted them to the website www record.
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  14. Finally Strahan comes with the solution :) i was reading through this and going, nobody posted about srv hosts record?
    BUt that's what @op is looking for :)
  15. That's a good idea. Which DNS records should I have to set that up (one obviously being SRV)
    Here is what my DNS Manager looks like right now:
    At first we only (except for the default godaddy ones) had type A directed to the minecraft ip (which worked just fine, we also have/had a SRV record for , which only works if works. at first when we addded one for the website we just added A record for website IP and CName for adding www , and that made the website work, but not the minecraft server xD Now we have just been testing shit as you can see above.
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  16. Nobody does say something about the default ports? Here is the anwser for the OP:
    These servers that use the same domain (for example have their server and website hosted on the same IP-adress (mostly a dedicated server or a virtual private server). If you enter the domain in your browser, the browser will automatically add port 80 to it which will redirect to the Apache webserver of the dedicated server, and the same goes for Minecraft, port 25565 will be automatically added and you will be redirected to the server then.*

    *Ports are automatically added when you do not add a port behind it, for example CoolDomain:25667 instead of
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  17. Try this:

    1) Create CNAME
    Sub-Domain: server
    TTL: Default
    Target: yourserver ip

    2)Create SRV
    TTL: Default
    Priority: 3600
    Weight: 5
    Port: XXXXX (Replace with the port of your server)
    Target: (replace with your domain, again do not forget the point at the end.)
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