Domain for minecraft server and website (NEED HELP)

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  1. Do not forget that a redirect can take 1 days to work.
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  2. Does that tutorial work even though the website and server are on completely different computers? (and ips) Also should I replace the old ones with those or just add them?
  3. Hm okay. One thing though.. How is it that mineplex use Enjin? I mean.. I doubt that they have enjin running on their own server ;p
  4. You have an option in Enjin to change the website domain.
  5. I'll need a bit more info than that.
    Isn't this ONLY for the mc server? I really need to know all of the DNS records as I am pretty terrible with it myself. also the website is using the IP , and the mc server (using 25565 obviously). We would like our sub-domain to be ;)
  6. Yes, it's for the mc server. You can replace "play" to "mc"
    For the website, i think you have button "create redirection" on your panel.
    If you have this, just click on it, and redirect to
  7. Uhm.. Not really? You mean using A records or what?
  8. Oh one thing also.. You do realize that these are not on the same machine right?
  9. Dude, I've been trying to help you since yesterday ..
    I do not know your host, I asked you to show me a screen of your panel to help you but you do not seem to understand how hard it is to explain this to you knowing that you do not seem to know anything in domain name..
  10. First try to create a record A that will point to the address of your site: You can use
  11. Before I had A record Host: @ Points to: Website ip, and a CName for adding WWW, want me to do that again or?
  12. Strahan


    Yea, that's not going to work. You need to fully qualify a CNAME target. Since you said you have the services on separate machines, it is simple. Just make an A record for Minecraft, call it whatever you want.. play, mc, whatever. That points to the MC IP. Then create an A that points to the web server.

    When I do DNS, I typically make service A records and everything else is a CNAME so if I hang multiple subdomain sites off the server and the IP changes I only change it once. Like: -> A -> web server IP -> A -> game server IP

    Then I may setup my services like: -> CNAME -> -> CNAME -> -> CNAME -> -> CNAME -> -> CNAME ->

    etc. For the root domain I point it usually to my web server. You cannot have a CNAME at the domain apex, so I just put my web server IP unless I'm running my own mail services on the domain, then I point to that.

    Yea, that's fine when the web server and MC server are on the same box but that's not the case here.
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  13. Search for DNS Management Tool ( Something like that ).
    Make a new record with the MC name, TTL 300 ( 5 Minutes ), Type A, Value
    Make a new record with the WWW name, TTL 300 ( 5 Minutes ), Type A, Value

    Note: Don't write the ports in the Value!

    Note x2: If the website doesn't works, try Type CNAME for the WWW name record and change Value to your domain ( )

    You should be able to connect to the Minecraft server using mc.yourdomain.whatever and to your website using www.yourdomain.whatever

    P.S. : Your sub-domain will start working after the TTL time has elapsed.
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