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  1. Hello People!

    I need help, How to point my domain to my web server and my minecraft server?
  2. Use a SRV for the mc server
  3. My domain is from namecheap and its already pointed to the shared web hosting that i got how can i point my mc server to it
  4. Do you have a dedicated ip? If so, you just need to make an A record that points to your server's ip. If not, I suggest checking out this video.
  5. I mean...

    I'm already using my domain for my website and i cant change the nameserver & dns anymore. how could i point my mc server to my domain too.
  6. Is the webserver on the same machine/ip as the mc server? If so, you're already done.

    If not, then setup a subdomain and point it to the mc server ip. Simple.

    Something like: -> ->
  7. Nope its not running in the same machine
  8. Ok. So read the rest of my post for instructions...
  9. Who do you host off of?
  10. Where to add the sub domain?
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    Simply create an A Record pointing to the IP address of your server, that'll create "" (for example). If your IP needs a port, you will connect via "". If you want to avoid the port, you'll set up an SRV Record.

    Also, if your servers port is 25565, you will not need to worry about entering one.
  12. Who is your host??
  13. Website & Domain: Namecheap
    MC Server: Anvilnode
  14. Who is your WEBSITE host
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  15. 1) Login to NameCheap.
    2) Click "manage" to the far right of your domain name [​IMG]
    3) Click "Advanced DNS" tab at the right [​IMG]
    4) Find the "Add New Record" button underneath all your records. Looks like this: [​IMG]
    5) Choose "A Record" from the dropdown [​IMG]
    6) Host you should enter "mc" or whatever you want the subdomain to be.
    7) Enter the IP address to the MC server
    8) Click the green checkmark to save.

    Now its a waiting game. Propagation could take up to 72 hours to complete.
  16. Namecheap, I'm using shared hosting.
  17. I would suggest creating an SRV which is more secure for DDOS attacks (This can only be done to the minecraft server)
    For the webhost you need an A record pointing to your IP
  18. I'd suggest to use this gif:
    I did this from my private cPanel server but it should be similair as the cpanel hosting of namecheap
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  19. If your website is on one server, on one IP.
    And your minecraft is on another server, on another IP.

    Then realise that the website is on port 80/443, and that minecraft is on 25565 or whatever you set it to.

    You can not have 1 unique domain pointing to multiple IP addresses. For what you want.

    You can force the domain to use on port 80/443 on one IP, the IP of the host
    And set the minecraft to for port 25565 or whatever, on the other IP, IP of the server where MC runs on.

    On the MC server you could run a small httpd on port 80/433 to redirect with 301 to www.* which will then have the user end up on the other IP, other host.