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  1. I have a website that I want to add to my domain (Record A), but I already have a minecraft server running on record A. For example, my server domain is and I want people to be able to connect to my minecraft server, but also when they type the domain on a browser, I want it to show the website, but my website is in a separate IP address than my minecraft server. Any advice?
  2. Use a SRV record for it
  3. What will I put on the SRV record? And will I have to put 2 A records?
  4. But your A records are different. I want my A records to be the same domain.
  5. In other words, you added playsrv infront so that the minecraft client can connect, but I was wondering if there was anyway so that the client could connect to the main domain and that the website could work on it too.
  6. The players will connect to the srv (in mc) which lets the player join playsrv subdomain
  7. I know that, but you have to use a subdomain for that, and I want it all to work on the same domain.
  8. I found a solution but now there's another problem. I'm okay with using www A record. But now in Page Rules, URL Forwarding is not working. Any help?
  9. The setup @jessegeerts proposed does actually that. I suggest you try it first.
  10. For the setup @jessegeerts proposed will mean that I will have to have a subdomain for my minecraft server which will make me lose players. That's why I decided to have my website hosted on the www A record. All I need now is for when people type to redirect them to, but for some reason it's not working. Cloudflare's page rule is supposed to do just that but why isn't it redirecting browsers to I also have another domain which is In pagerule I made it so that it redirects to just to test and see if there's any problem and it turns out it doesn't redirect to Cloudflare's pagerule is the problem or there's more to it that I don't know yet?
  11. We both understood your question and the answer which @jessegeerts gave you does EXACTLY what you want. Please see an older thread with the same topic as yours here:
    As I said before, try it and you'll see.

    Page rules don't have issues. They just don't work unless the traffic is being routed through Cloudflare (the orange icon on your DNS) however that doesn't work with Minecraft servers, only websites. This means that page rules are not an option for you.