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Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by DotRar, May 11, 2015.

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  1. x_L


    Your DNS didn't update.
    Works fine for me.
  2. Working fine for me now, you gotta wait for your DNS to update.
  3. First, learn how DNS works, specifically the cache system. You can always switch to Google DNS if your ISP is ignoring TTL values, just hope they don't hijack the requests, then you'd have to send them via an encrypted tunnel which is not fun lol.

    Also why do you have pointing to -snip-, when you could just point it to -snip-?
    They're both A records pointing to -removed per OP request-, so you've basically just made an unnecessary DNS record..
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  4. It's just our setup, some links use cloudflare and some do not. I'd also appreciate if you removed those IPs.
  5. They're not internal/backend/etc IP's or anything, rather IP's anybody can get by simple DNS queries..?
  6. They're the IPs of the dedi, if people check the proper domain (without the play., the play. is used for other things), it returns cloudflare's ip
  7. Anybody can get the ips of your server. Its very easy to, and is public for literally everyone. Its how people can even connect to your server.
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  8. Try looking it up then. It gives the cloudflare IP.
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    If you're trying to use CloudFlare with Minecraft that won't work. These people are saying, even if you have your IP behind a domain/DNS your server IP will always be public.
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  10. It does work. works in minecraft. also comes up with the cloudflare IP when you do a lookup. Test it yourself.
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  11. MikeA

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    I tried connecting to and it didn't work.
  12. You can get the real ones by using an SRV record lookup with nslookup
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  13. Stop using play as the sub domain! It has another use and it hasn't got protection!
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  14. Its literally available to all. If you don't want your server's IP public, don't post your domain name on the forums.

    Also offtopic, but this whole thread is more fun to read with that Cloud -> Butt extension.
  15. Lookup without a sub domain. It's cloud flare's IP
  16. Now requesting lock
  17. then why god dangit god did u that then -.-

    Well i protect my own record with pass generated stuff ;)
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    Thread locked per request
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