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    I'm interested in Domain Land Claiming because of the visualization of the protected field. But on my server, I don't want my users to do anything but claim a plot, see its boundaries, turn off that visualization, and do no resizing or flag setting. The Overview description mentions in passing the ability to have preconfigured field settings, but there's no further information about that or how it works. And no sample config file to look at.

    Could you provide a config file to study? And could you describe how to totally dumb-down the whole claiming process for users that simply want to make a claim, see the boundaries, turn off that visualization, and go about building?

  2. Hi.

    The visualization goes away on its own after about 30 seconds, though they can view it again any time so long as they have permission to the field.

    Resizing can be disabled per block type, really just leaving them with the ability to name their field, build within it or add players to the field.

    If you send me a message, in the morning I'll be happy to send you a copy to test with and go through the config in more detail.

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    Bazaar integration

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  4. Version 1.1.50 is currently in development which will include a number of changes to make some of the more difficult to use features a little more simple. That includes converting the Domain block into an Admin block, setting teleport locations, setting enter/leave commands and adding new fields to a block.

    More information to come soon!
  5. I had set the visualize_corners: true however I had noticed that if someone have the: ignore_y_axis: true it's really hard to see where is your region xD. And when you set visualize_corners: false, it laggs bad. Can you add like a block every 5-10 blocks for visualization. So a glass is not fully from down to up but like every 10 blocks of space. That would maybe reduce the lag xD.
  6. You shouldn't be seeing much lag - the display is brought up asynchronously - though the ignore_y_axis fields are a bit of a pain to display.

    There will be an "eye level" visualization coming in a future version which should help - it'll display just the blocks around, but at the eye level you're at when you run it.
  7. That eye level indeed would be nice :) thanks for info.
  8. UPDATE ON 1.2.0

    The update is a little behind as I'm pushing through quite a big change that I wasn't anticipating doing.

    From 1.2.0, Domain will no longer be using a SQLite database (Domain.db) to store the field information. Instead, all fields will be stored in their own .yml file in the Data folder of the Domain directory. Domain will convert any existing blocks over to the new format, and after first-run, the Domain.db file will be deleted. It is VITALLY important that you backup your Domain folder BEFORE putting 1.2.0 in.

    Why the change to .yml files?
    - The Domain.db file could get stuck into a persistently locked state which could cause the server to crash as Domain was unable to write to the database. This became more urgent in 1.2.0 when immediate saves of the domain block changes was implemented (rather than startup + 1hr cycle).

    Why not move to MySQL?
    - Not everyone wants to use MySQL

    But I do want to use MySQL!
    - MySQL support IS coming, but not in this update. Future versions will support flat file and MySQL only.

    What if the conversion from database file to flat-file doesn't convert all my blocks?
    - It should, with a few notable exceptions. Any block that was created in a world that doesn't exist will NOT copy over.

    But I'll lose all those blocks that didn't convert if you delete the Domain.db file, can't you just leave it?
    - No, just so we don't keep trying to convert already converted data. This is why it is VERY important to backup your folder first. If you have issues with the conversion, roll the change back and let me know and I'll help with getting the files generated.

    I can read and edit .yml files, right? So I can make changes directly in the file!
    - You can, but I will not support manually edited files
    - I'll answer that a second time just so it really sinks in.. I will NOT support manually edited files. If you break a file by editing it, your best bet is to delete the file and recreate the block in-game.

    This is too complicated!
    - Feel free to join the Discord and I'll be happy to try and help you out with the update

    What else has changed?
    - 1.2.0 has plenty of changes other than the file format.
    • The blocks section of the config.yml file is being removed, instead it will just load ALL blocks in the Blocks folder.
    • Admins can add new flags to a block using the GUI, great for setting up server-based blocks and you don't want to create a whole new block type for things like teleport blocks
    • Open for Commands has gone away and is replaced with the Administrator Commands button in the menu. From here you can set teleport locations, make it an admin block or enter on-enter/on-leave run commands all without having to enter the commands manually.
    • The flags and gui sections of config.yml have been moved to their own files - the config.yml file was getting WAY too congested. (This will not automatically copy over, but they will auto-generate on startup. If you have any language translations, you'll need to update the new files)
    • New flags such as preventing ravagers, pillagers, wandering traders etc. from appearing in your field, as well as things like allowing you to create fields that will heal all players that stand inside it.
    • A ton of under-the-hood changes that nobody but me will likely ever see, but trust me.. they're a good thing
    The new update is currently being tested, and once I'm certain things are working nicely, I'll get it released.

    Finally - From 1.2.0 I'll be showcasing Domain, Myriad Clans and Bazaar on - so once it is released, please feel free to join to check out some new functionality and new field types you may not have considered.
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  9. @torpkev
    Were you thinking of allowing player to teleport to their region example /domain tp (name) and allow at the same time the added players to teleport as well, also you would have to add an command to set a spawn point for region as well, just my ideas :), just that way is better then having /sethome for my opinion :). It's up to you with the rest :)
  10. It isn't something I've considered so far, but I'm definitely open to new features over time.

    What I'd ask is that you visit the GitLab page and add your ideas as a feature request:
  11. I will thanks :)
  12. Somehow the message showed up 2 times and you can't download the newest version only the previos 1.2.0 xD
  13. Spigot is acting crazy. Thanks for the heads up
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  15. First problem is that after fresh install for tests I had notice that somehow It does only finds this blocks:
    but in folder I have more + I did not modify them what so ever. I try to manualy do /domain give artuditu griefprevent but it say it doesn't exists xD
  16. Do they show up in /domain get ?