Domain ping ( Not showing IP )

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  1. For some reason I have been having problems with any .co domains. If someone signs up on the site and enters in there .co domain it will be pinged as offline. I thought crap so I started to take a look at the way it is pinged. Turns out it isn't my system but something not right with the domain. I have tried to ping the domain from my house, third party site and my dedicated server but none show an ip but yet when I enter it in minecraft it shows the server.

    ( First one I had problems with )

    Thanks for any help,
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    I have a feeling it is that hostname. I can ping both my and domains fine. It may be an issue with the host's DNS server.

    EDIT: I can also ping fine.
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  3. Ok thanks for the info.
  4. Affixes


    You haven't linked your DNS servers correctly. I can't ping your domain at all, since it hasn't been assigned to an IP.

  5. So if it isn't assigned to an ip why can I connect to it over mc? Also this isn't my domain so I can't see the way it is set up.
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    That may be in the hands of MC Pro Hosting, I'm not sure. I can't trace the IP either, so it definitely looks like it's not assigned. I have no idea, really...

    Try contacting your host.

  7. As I said before. This is NOT my domain.
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    So, contact the owner of the domain.