Domains/Srv records?

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  1. Could someone please take a moment to let me know how to do the following:

    Have server 1, (website), redirect to example.random

    Have server 2, (minecraft), redirect to example.random

    I hope to achieve this with srv records, but I have no clue. Basically, I want players to not need something like play.example.random, and instead just have example.random for both the website and minecraft (on different servers/ips).

    Btw I use CloudFlare for dns, and my domain is from
  2. Bump? Still need help :D
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  3. Ouch. Thanks for letting me know!
  4. It's not irrelevant at all... it literally answers OP's question.


    You can connect to a website and a Minecraft server with the same domain using SRV records, like in the link @Fluffy provided.

    Here's a few more links about SRV records for Minecraft servers:
    Basically, you'll set up a normal A record for your webserver, another A record (a subdomain this time) that points to your Minecraft server, and a SRV record that points to the subdomain and port.
  5. Except, the OP stated he didn't want to use a subdomain.

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  6. The subdomain is what the SRV record points to. Nobody has to use the subdomain ;)
  7. Then you'll have the fancy error 500 if you point the root domain to 25565 or whatever port your server is on.

    Or, when someone tried to visit the site it will send them to the Minecraft IP.

    This simply isn't practical. I don't see a problem with just using a subdomain.
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  8. wat.

    Have you ever used a SRV record before? :confused:

    SRV records are only used if the protocol/service information is fulfilled (e.g. the connection must be TCP and Minecraft). SRV records are also only able to redirect to other records (A records, in this case) and include port information.

    Here's a small visualization of how it works ~


    I agree 100% that using a subdomain is better, but that doesn't make it impossible to use the same domain for two different purposes.
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