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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by SeismicSquid, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I've been looking around at donation software to use for my server and am curious what you guys use (or don't use) and why you use it. So far I've found,

    Buycraft (free or $6/mon (premium)): Good, well used, and proven, but free service isn't quite that good.
    Community Piston (free): Have to type a command in game to claim perks, but free.
    Enjin ($9/month): Have to go with their website which some like, but others don't.
    Donator Express (free): Claims reward instantly (I think), but requires users to sign up for an account on the webstore and uses a "token" system instead of packages. May confuse users.
  2. I've used Community Piston since they first launched and never had a single problem with them. And if you ever decide to upgrade to one of their premium plans, it comes out to be cheaper than Buycraft or Enjin.
  3. Community piston has premium? Can you please link me to that?
  4. PhanaticD


    ive only used buycraft but its good i dont really have any problems with it
  5. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    Buycraft, no issues with it.
  6. SeismicSquid - Just to add to your options there's Obole. I have not used it myself.
  7. jtaylor69

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    I love Buycraft <3
  8. joehot200


    Like everyone else here, i use BuyCraft: standard. I see no point in paying for an extra donation thing, i just have 3 donation packages and use everything allowed without premium.
  9. So, basically just Buycraft? I guess I'll try my luck with that and see how it goes.
  10. Enjin rebel!
  11. Outlaw11A


    Buycraft. For the following reasons:
    • Excellent support team
    • Updates released all the time (new features, new payment processors)
    • Support for a wide range of payment processors (PayPal, Google Wallet, + many, many more)
    • Most players already know how to use it, as well as it is trusted by them
    • If a player charges back, they are prevented from donating ever again on the buycraft network
    + many more other reasons that I haven't listed.
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  12. With Buycraft (premium), you get what you pay for. It's simple enough on the players, allows multiple payment gateways, and has many features while keeping the simplicity. I'm not going to say that there aren't better ones out there, it's just Buycraft is a simple solution to a complicated problem.

    For the love of God, don't use Enjin. Half of all sites are Enjin, and you will be doing yourself a favor.
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  13. Really love community piston!
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  14. Buycraft is perfect for my needs.
    Once you start getting donations, paying for BuyCraft shouldn't be an issue.
  15. Glad your enjoying Buycraft! Another reason to use Buycraft is our developers are always asking the for the community's opinion on what should be implemented, if you have any suggestions post them on our main Bukkit forum post.
  16. Outlaw11A


    Right. I see you work for Buycraft. I have already suggested some features that have been implemented.
  17. Currently working on a self hosted donation software solution, for those who don't enjoy paying for subscription fees. I've never liked depending on anyone else's hosting but my own to be honest.. Buycraft is good if you use any for now, it has a lot of limitations though.
  18. graywolf336


    How will it be different than the other options out there?
  19. It's just an idea right now until I get a few people on board to help out, but eventually it'll be developed into a self hosted game server donation CMS. Kind of similar to a software like Wordpress but for game servers. I have an entire notebook full of ideas for it since I don't really like having to pay for things so simple :p

    It'll be different since you're hosting all of the files (except a few callbacks probably), you'll essentially be able to change EVERYTHING about on your donation store, you won't be limited to a monthly subscription fee, an open source to kind of get a community on board behind it, etc.
  20. Affixes


    I'm still stuck to this whole Enjin thing, making a switch to XenForo soon enough, along with BuyCraft (Used in the past, no problems what-so-ever)