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  1. Hi there.
    im trying to make the best Spigot (minecraft) donation system.
    However im running out of ideas im going way faster then expected. and have some questions open that i still dont know if its good or not.

    Here are my questions (other suggestions not related to these questions also welcome)

    1. Im writing a web based setup now. currently the user need to setup his own database and need to check the requirements himself. after that he needs to do manual ingame setup aswell.
    im trying to make it do it all in 1 go. with that i ment it checks with the web installed if the webserver is good. (mabe adding a spigot checker using querry?) after that it asks for the DB info and makes the tables for the user and writes the files for the user aswell then it asks the customization fields (looks and gateways) and writes it to file for the user aswell. after that it shows a command that can be pasted in console and the plugin sets it up for u. (however mabe supporting ingame use aswell?)

    2. should i support paysafecard? its a big api and a big requirementslist to get paysafecard working beside the fact im walking against the same wall as with paymentwall. i need a business to make it.

    3. the unique thing about my donation system is that it works almost completely ingame.
    The only thing running online is the payment so that the user never loses security. however i wanna know if its a good idea or that i need to make a website part too for it to show everything online aswell?

    4. The design is basic i made it using a web tool and altered it completely to fit the code.
    im working very hard to make it look good and make it possible for others aswell. but what is smarter. a template system with tags that get replaced by code. or native like i currently do using a action based system.

    i know those are some serious questions but its also a serious project.
    if u wanna see what im working on currently check my resource MCG Minestore.
    or watch my progress on new features on (its a bugtracker and project tracker in one

    thanks for the answers. im already happy if i just get one answer.
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  2. Hey im bumping and wanna say that if some people wanna help they can get this plugin for free i just need some poeple to test and review it :)
    if ur interested in using this plugin and wanna write a review on the plugin page. please pm me
  3. Just don't.
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  4. Can you explane whats wrong? i dont have any information about where you say just dont on
  5. There are already tons of competitors that'll eventually die out or are full of security problems.
    No one is asking for another webstore and if you have to create a thread like this don't even bother.
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  6. Someone who needs to ask these kind of questions shouldn't ever be bothered with making an e-commerce platform where people are suppose to trustfully have their personal info and bank account details processed. Personally I still plan on making my own ecommerce platform, kinda what Buycraft does, but I want to make it more generic so it can be used for anything, but I'll probably focus on the Minecraft market for advertising first. The difference between you and me though is that I make enterprise e-commerce software as my daily job. If I were to make my own platform to compete with Buycraft (nowadays known as Tebex), I would only have to get started. I know exactly what I want, what I would offer, why, why it would crush Buycraft (Tebex) and with what technologies I'd make it.

    If you cannot answer the questions of your own product, you shouldn't be making that product. A product should be built with a clear vision. If you don't have that vision, you're bound to fail or at least live on the edge.
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  7. Thanks for the reply's
    First let me explane me a little more.
    Firstoff Its not a web store. its a ingame solution instead of external. which is different then many out there.
    Secondly this is self hosted so no need to worry about a monthly fee or yearly fee or limitations.

    The security issue you talk about clx is for those who process the payments itself.
    Let me clarify that no personal data is being processed or stored beside the username and a special key generated by the plugin.
    The gateways are fully on the payment providers side and the scripts i deliver communicate in between to activate or reject a purchase depending on results (payment failed / Completed / pending)
    Beside that ingame there is a protection build in called blacklisting. the blacklist prevens players with certain name and uuid's to use the system if you do not want them to.
    now that is not sealed because there are many ways to hack but thats up to the server owner to handle.
    The communication between my plugin and the webend is security by ip/key check. on installation a special Masterkey is made its a key and encrypted ip connection so that the script rejects any Request that needs protection from an unknown ip adress.
    Beside that the scripts are all SSL Ready that means that it can safely run on ssl which its ment to.

    For the vision as you tell me both i have a clear vision but i still want input to see where i can improve. i can do it my way but the difference between me and for example buycraft is that i put users and their feedback and suggestions first. they state that they do it to. but sadly i used to use buycraft and i quitted using them because i paid back then for a permanent package. which after 2 months was changed to a limited monthly package i lost all my features and had to pay monthly to get them back even when i had a permanent package i only had to keep the unlimited feature.

    due to the fact that there is compitition on the market is good.
    It pushes me to provide even more unique stuff and let me see what people want.
    Many compititors are using a plugin just to communicate and show packages ingame. nothing more. you still have to go to their platform which they host and if u want all features you have to pay for too. to click it add it and buy it.
    also they most of the time do not support a cart system only a single purchase.

    beside that the paymentwall issue is solved. so i was gonna remove that part i had contact with the paymentwall team and they gave me a special dev account which i can use to test out my scripts.

    Im not intending to force someone to use my system.
    I just wanted to break the wall for many users and server owners that do not want to be forced to pay a lot of money.
    for example buycraft lets you pay to receive more then 250 pounds of income and restricts subscriptions to only allow paid users to use that feature.
    if i take a look at (if they are not down) lets you pay to do sales
    and Crafting store lets you pay to get SSL Security or to ban players.
    Enjin is one thats free but is completely online so once again not even close then what im making.

    i was asking for support on this topic was to get input what you guys wanna see in a good donation store not to talk it into ashes.
    As im not stopping development for this plugin.

    And because some people wanna know why i answer this like this and why i do this all?
    Well im 25 years old im autistic i can never in my whole life get a job because the goverment says so i cannot do anything for other people. i only have 2 half days in the full week that im not at home because i cannot go anywhere.
    I dont have the money to just go to a cinema every day or to shop until i drop.
    I almost have no friends aswell so why not find a way to be part of something. to make people smile. and to have fun at what u do.
    Why not make something that can help people that dont have 20 euros a month to spend on top of their server bills.
    Or for people that are like me. its something i can make and do its something i have fun with to make.
    I wanna be someone that can help someone. and as i said before. i may not work not even for free.

    Now thats my life in a short nut but still i wanna keep this topic on topic instead of beside. so. yea. lets continue with the open questions shall we
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