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  1. I want to have it so that when someone donates, they get spawners. On other servers they just go straight into the players inventory(I assume by a command). Is there a specific command I have to run in order to give players their spawners? I can't even find a command to give myself spawners.


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  2. Hey @jj576 ,
    I think that i have spent time on your prison server, if you remember. If not, please igbore me as my friend was called Jj and random numbers at the end.

    I have found a plugin that can give a spawner directly into a players inventory. Download:
    When installed and reloaded/restarted , type the following command:
     /spawner give <entity> [player]
    To see the ENTITY TYPES , please visit the following link:

    Thanks for your cooperation.
    ElieTGM // Einshtein

  3. or just do /give spawner right?
  4. If I use this, do I completely get rid of SilkSpawners?
  5. Check if "Spawners" has a Silk touch feautre. If not, you can still use SilkSpawners along with Spawners.
  6. you give give them spawners directly with just essentials, Do /give name spawnerid howmuchyouwantthemtoget
  7. Lemme explain this for you.
    If you put the id, it gives you a normal one, spawning nothing.
    That's why i gave him this plugin.
  8. It does I do this on my server if you do 52:41 that will spawn a different spawner what ur doing is just 52 if you config essentials correctly and do then it will work trust me.
  9. Essenstials is a BIG plugin. I don't really think he will use it.
  10. Surely, if he's thinking of going public most servers run off of Essentials and would use it, even so. But do make sure to enable it in Essentials if the plugin is present, of course.

    Also, when a player donates through your donation linking plugin, Etc, BuyCraft. There should ALWAYS be a "Command" Section, you type /give <BuyCraftPlayerTagHere> 52:<MobID> <amount>

    The Mob Spawners Unique ID's can be found here: (ESSENTIALS SPAWNER CONFIG MUST BE ENABLED FOR THIS TO WORK.)
  11. considering nearly every person us
    exactly what I said but he didn't listen so I give up
  12. How do I enable the spawner config? I didn't see any spawner option on the essential config.
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  13. It shouldn't be a 100% need as far as I can see, but, it should work regardless, try it without enabling the option.
  14. When I type /give jj576 52:51 1
    It gives me a pig spawner, and thats for every mob id
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  15. That's because Essentials is broken/not yet updated for 1.8

    You could give the spawner via SilkSpawners: /silkspawners <mobType> with an empty hand to give yourself a spawner.
  16. essentials 1.8 has no bugs for giving spawners it works perfectly fine for me your clearly doing something wrong with yours.
  17. Yes giving via /i or /give does work if you include the NBT tag. But e.g. signs or kits are not working, since Essentials isn't updated to use the NBT tags instead of the durability value. ;)