Spigot DonatorExpress 1.6.8

Allows members on your server to view and purchase ranks/items without any hassle.

  1. aman207 submitted a new resource:

    DonatorExpress - Allows members on your server to view and purchase ranks/items without any hassle.

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  2. I think this gonna be a big succes,
    You should post it on other forums to
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  4. I have. And thanks

    Are you joking or is there something wrong with it?
  5. jtaylor69

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    Joking around since he said bug success implying full of bugs :p
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  6. -,-
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  7. Oh that's good. You scared me for a sec there lol.
  8. love this your so gonna steal buycrafts greedys asses customers lol
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  9. Welcome back UserFullName(); ?>!

    getting this on the member page

    //Diamond Ore One: Input the price below for 10 Tokens
    $diamond1 = "10";
    //Diamond Ore Two: Input the price below for 20 Tokens
    $diamond2 = "20";
    //Diamond Ore Three: Input the price below for 30 Tokens
    $diamond3 = "30";
    //Diamond Ore Four: Input the price below for 40 Tokens
    $diamond4 = "40";

    i edit these and still shows the default amount on the page but when you click on them it uses the amount listed in the config
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  10. Try to do a fresh install of the web portal.

    Also, are you getting any PHP errors on the page?
  11. no errors and installed 3 times i added a ticket to the git hub everything worked i dont even care about the
    Welcome back UserFullName(); ?>!

    i just changed the userfullname to tuminecraft member but the donation amount not changing on the member page has to be looked at because the default settings does not pertain to my server
  12. Ok. The guy that did the portal is away on vacation, so pardon me if I am a little slow.

    If you don't mind, can you send me a PM of the location of where the webportal is installed and the entire config file (excluding the database options) on pastebin.
  13. Two Questions!

    1. Does this support BungeeCord with multiple servers? So tokens will be available on all servers?
    2. Is the only way you can spend tokens using text-based commands, so you wouldn't be able to have an inventory where you pull out the thing you want, it would be renamed to the donation package and you could confirm it.

    Thanks in advance!
  14. AlexM850


    Looks very smooth and representable. :)
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  15. Tokens are stored in a database so yes. However commands are per server only. Not across multiple servers. I'm working on that :p

    Currently yes you can only use text based commands. I will see about having a menu where you can select packages. Need to do some experimenting with it.
  16. hmm i was able to register fine and got the confirmation email
    and i see your sign up just says not confirmed
    so ik its sending the email
    A new user has successfully confirmed their email at T.U.MineCraft Network
    Full Name: ToxicWaste
    Email Address: dona

    Donator Express - Minecraft Bukkit Plugin
    This email has been sent from: T.U.MineCraft Network


    as you can see i changed it to T.U.Member
    when you click the purchase 25 tokens it takes you to the paypal page
    and says 20 like i set it in the config 50 is set to 30 and 100 is set to 40

    ok here is the original member-login.php


    I just did another register with a different email
    came through just fine

    note: I had a friend sign up and the confirmation email went to his spam/trash folder
    log from my chat
    [Toxic] 10:24 pm: im still working on the bugs on the new chat page ik tree was abnle to sign up dots can you try
    [Toxic] 10:24 pm: new donation page
    [Toxic] 10:25 pm: the dev says he cant sign up
    [Tree_wizard] 10:25 pm: sure is the link on the main page
    [Toxic] 10:25 pm: not yet
    [Toxic] 10:25 pm: http://mc.tuminecraft.com/donations/login.php
    [Toxic] 10:26 pm: I want to see if you get the confirmation email
    [Miss Dottie] 10:28 pm: i did get the confirmation email went to my spam box
    [Toxic] 10:28 pm: confirm it and sign in
    [Toxic] 10:29 pm: and see if it lets you
    [Miss Dottie] 10:29 pm: i did and i am
    [Miss Dottie] 10:29 pm: i see something about buying tokens
    [Toxic] 10:29 pm: ok ty let me send this to the dev
    [Miss Dottie] 10:29 pm: your welcome
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  17. ok looking over the files i was able to make the buttons co inside with the amount in the config by edititing the login-home php file with the same amounts doing a little decorating as well have a look


    im aslo adding a store.php file in the member area to add links and package information
  18. Sure sounds good. Also, your pictures are not coming in for me :p
    BTW I didn't make the portal, my friend did. I made the plugin.

    I'm still not getting the email, even in my junk. Can you go into the database where DE is installed, and find the table "dep". Look for my username and edit "confirmcode" to be "y" instead of all that other junk.