Donor Rank Ideas (Prison)

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  1. Hey, I'm kind of struggling with donor rank ideas.
    I like the server rank where one server has like VIP Donor Donor+ Prisoner Killer Convict Chaotic Chaotic+ INSANE, Custom, and Supreme Leader but obviously I don't want to copy them.
    My server's name is chemical prison if that helps any bit.
  2. FrostedSnowman

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    Maybe you can name your ranks after some acids :p
    • Acetic
    • Citric
    • Nitric
    • Oxalic
    • Sulfuric
  3. yummyfps

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    This is coming from a guy with super generic rank names but you should try to match them to your server theme, acidic ranks as @FrostedSnowman said would work great for a server named "Acidic Prison"
  4. Thank you both for the help but it just doesn't click with me. Neither do chemical names.
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  5. I'd just like to point out that these ranks are originally from a prison server called Chaotic Prison and someone just took the ranks from them Chaotic Prison is well over 10 years old
  6. Good Names
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  7. Yes thats a cool idea. You can even have it like the lower ranks are more basic or something (the default rank can even be [Basic] ) and each one after that would be a more acidic thing. Very unique.
  8. Yeah, I know I play chaotic prison!