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  1. I've been making a Minecraft Server but first i was thinking about the donor ranks. Here's what i have so far

    V.I.P $2.50 Commands: /Hat /Nickname Kits: VIP

    MVP $5.00 Commands: /Hat /Nickname /Near Kits: VIP, MVP

    Elite $15.00 Commands: /Hat /Nickname /Near /Setwarp Kits: VIP, MVP, Elite

    Titan $25.00 Commands: /Hat /Nickname /Near /Setwarp /Feed Kits: VIP, MVP, Elite, Titan

    Champion $40.00 Commands /Hat /Nickname /Near /Setwarp /Feed /Disguise Kits: VIP, MVP, Elite, Titan, Champion

    Legendary $65.00 Commands: /Hat /Nickname /Near /Setwarp /Feed /Disguise /Fly Kits: VIP, MVP, Elite, Titan, Champion, Legendary

    I think they're kinda bad so please leave Suggestions of changing them. There is no topic for the server yet so give me all the ideas you have.
  2. Yes, they are bad. No one will pay for most basic Essentials perks.
  3. Yeah, they really are bad. Adding some like this, that should help alot.
  4. Also you could differ by NOT selecting the most generic rank names (I did too, so you better give good perks)
  5. Don't go EULA compliant buddy! We don't want Mojang to start thinking we give a fuck.
  6. It gets harder to hide the shit when you have 1,000 players on a server. Mojang then hunts you down. Trust me they're cunts.
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  7. Yeah so if you have a 1000 players online then you turn into EULA compliant?? I don't see the problem they will always ask you first
  8. You then have to remove all the permissions your donators added.

    Better to be EULA compliant from the beginning.
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  9. Nope, you can leave the old permissions..
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  11. Yes, and when a multi millionaire company sees you're fucking around with their rules, they'll make sure to black list you.
  12. Did you even read EULA? If the player bought a rank before server went eula friendly, he can keep the rank.
  13. They can keep the rank.

    They can't keep the perks associated with the rank.
  14. " How should servers deal with users who have already spent hard currency on features that affect gameplay?
    Users may keep the perks they’ve paid for on the condition that the same perks are available to other players on the server (directly or purchasable using soft currency). It’s up to the server host to decide how to compensate users for previous transactions. "
    - Mojang
  15. Here are my tips.

    1) Make sure to make the rank names more special and less generic (as previously stated before)

    2) Try to put some better use into them. Like give them something unique, not just a kit and some Essentials commands or cosmetics. For example, a premium only mini game.

    3) If you are at at loss for what would make them want to purchase a rank, here are some ideas. Put a player cap on the server (depends on your player base). Only allow donators to be able to join when it's full. Or, you can give them monthly rewards.

    4) Don't worry about the Mojang EULA. As long as you don't have in-game currency in the store (whether it be alone or in a package), Mojang will be more likely to ignore you no matter the size. Plus, if people don't want to buy your ranks (which less people do nowadays), add game-amplifiers. Game-amplifiers should work for everyone, that way it will be perfectly okay with the EULA. Whether it would be for currency or kits for everyone.

    5) Always keep adding more features. Something cooler than the last. Don't push out all the cool features at once. Do it slowly, that way you don't run out of ideas too quickly!

    I hope I helped!
    - funkemunky
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