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Bug Don't know what to call this?

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Ar7ific1al, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. This is bloody ridiculous! Absolutely terrible...

    Using the latest "recommended" Spigot build, logging onto my server, only a few chunks load. When this happens, the chat doesn't function, commands don't work, and no chunks load but the few which have loaded. I have to relog three or four times before anything will work properly. This randomly begins happening again after relogging, as well.

    Spigot is absolutely breaking CoreProtect. If I try to check block break/place too often, it completely locks up the server. Everything appears in console as it should, but chat ceases to function, commands cease to function, and nothing shows in the client chat.

    I don't have these problems at all with the latest dev build of Bukkit, just Spigot. Yes, they still occur even without plugins. With a bare server, it happens. It only happens when I run the server with Spigot as opposed to Bukkit.

    Just want to know if anyone else at all is having this problem.
  2. Update: After having tested this for >30 minutes on Spigot and Bukkit and determining that it was only occurring with Spigot, I have done more testing on Bukkit and have determined that it does it on both. FML. Just when I thought it was safe to update the server to 1.5, I have these issues.
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    Sorry to be unhelpful, but if it works fine with no plugins it's not our fault. I'd try disabling corerprotect to Atty least test, it's not the most spectacularly coded plugin and can cause lag and other issues.
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    LogBlock ftw. :D
  5. Your response isn't completely unhelpful. Actually, it's about as helpful as it'll probably get, really. The biggest glaring issue I'm having is not with CoreProtect itself. The biggest issue is the first one I pointed out, which is happening on Bukkit and Spigot, both with and without plugins, and even on a 100% clean client, so it's not any mods causing client issues.

    This is what I get, though, for trying to use dev builds of plugins and servers. I try to keep my server's player base happy, and it falls down every time. That's the downside of running a modified server... Too many third-party dependencies.

    EDIT: Tomorrow, I'll test this locally just to be extra sure it's a Bukkit or Spigot problem.