Suggestion Don't understand why there are some malicious reviews

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    And he set his profile privately, no way to report the review.
    Suggestion: Allow authors to delete malicious bad reviews.
  2. electronicboy

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    you can add /report onto the end of their profile page in order to file a report, BUT; such reports are only considered when it's in violation of the site rules.
    Spigot used to allow reporting of reviews but removed the functionality after they got fed up of dealing with reports from authors upset because not every review is 5 stars...
  3. Don't even try, people have tried to add reporting reviews again but the answer is always no :/

    I have started to see more malicious reviews too
  4. DavidDevelops


    First no, Then you could delete all reviews you wanted, Report system for reviews didn't work, the only way to get them removed is to contact a staff member, I have tried but with no help so far, I tried reporting them for the review and message staff but never got a reply or them removed,
    just add /report at the end to access it,
    But no he is not the owner nor is using protocol bad tons of people use it is one of the best APIs for doing that kind of work out there as far as i have seen
    (Wonder who ninjaed me? Electronicboy + SamB440)
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  5. TheJavaHacker


    1. I agree that this is a completely bogus review. I feel that people that leave these kinds of malicious reviews should have warning points added to their accounts for being so stupid.
    2. I don't however agree that Authors should be able to access the ability to remove reviews of their own volition, simply because that system has been abused before... perhaps just hiring more staff to deal with it (Oh look, the front page).
    3. People that make those kinds of reviews are just being stupid and they should be ignored.
  6. DavidDevelops


    Adding onto this a little bit, Anyone who cares about the reviews will read them and notice they and dumb and discard them,
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  7. Legoman99573


    If a review has nothing to do with the plugin, or the review is unhelpful, like a 1 star review and user says to support an outdated version every update, they will most likely remove it.
  8. Choco


    Already been discussed in the hundreds of other threads related to developers upset about not being able to report false reviews. Answer: Too late... you all abuse it. Not happening.

    Deleted the review, warned the account, redact names in the future.
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  9. DavidDevelops


    Aye don't wanna be rude but on amazing arrow trails mind taking care of the "It won't work on 1.8" reviews? I PMed you a month ago but didn't know how to contact you (sorry for using this thread but Hey,)
  10. Legoman99573


    Even if it happens, people will look at it as stupid reviews.

    Note of advice to them:
    PR or ShutUp ;)
  11. md_5

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  12. A guy did this to me and he even asked to support a version which is the only one the plugin supports >.<

    I just feel that people are pretty stupid sometimes

    EDIT: Review is still not removed.
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  13. Legoman99573


    Why supporting outdated software gets people nowadays. Most developers support outdated software and expect everyone to do so too.

    People running outdated software in general usually fit in with what @md_5 said. People just want to be stupid.
    Why I don't run a server anymore. It's always someone complaining about a feature not working on 1.8 and using protocolsupport so I don't use outdated crap.
  14. You can, I do not understand why people are not thinking properly.
    “Report function will be abused for bad reviews” - no, bad reviews can be there as long as the review is real and fair from the reviewer. Let me show you the two types of reviewing plugins.

    “geez man this plugin is the worst of my life, do not recommend”
    This review could be removed, because it does not exactly explain why the reviewer does not like it and it is just rough like a ton of reviews here on SpigotMC.

    “The plugin looks really cool, but did not work good enough for me. The lacks of updates and the issues in the plugin were worse. I would recommend the developer to do more updates and fix the issues. That would make this plugin a lot better.”
    This is maybe a bad review for the developer, but this can stay. It is said in a more friendly way than the first one, with useful points.

    Moderators can think good enough if reviews should be removed or not, so I do not really understand why everyone is saying “the developer will delete/report all the bad reviews”, I mean like the moderator can decide to approve or deny the report, and only approve it when the review is similar to type one.

    Important edit: I also forgot that people are always posting bugs and error in reviews, these should be removed too. I am not going to explain that, you should just understand that the review section is not meant for that.

    (Do not mind my typos, typed this on my iPhone)
  15. md_5

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    Reviews will not be removed unless they break a specific forum rule.
    There is no forum rule against making a bad / useless review, and therefore moderators will not delete them.
    This has been explained a million times and why this is the case.
  16. Optic_Fusion1

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    Can't PR if it's not open source :p
  17. Do you consider review type one (from my long post) as breaking the rule?
  18. md_5

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    If he has only said that only one review, no.
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  19. I don't think many developers would care about the obvious stupid reviews if potential customers would not believe them, sadly a lot people only look on the bad reviews. If there is one bad review and then 10 good ones many people would still be very unsure about a purchase / download.
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