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  1. Hello,
    I have a bungee network with 5 servers. They are all being hosted on MC Pro Hosting. MCPro has ddos protection on all their servers. I was wondering if I moved my servers to my server room and kept the bungee on MCPro would I need to by DOS or DDOS protection?
  2. well the bungee proxy would be protected but if anyone got the backend to your servers they could still hit them off.
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  3. Why create a new thread? You asked the exact same question yesterday here...
  4. Legoman99573


    DOS is an attack from 1 machine. DDoS is from multiple machines or IP ranges. Plus if they find your backend, then they can hit you offline asap and will result in bandwidth charges from your ISP.
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  6. I suggest moving away from MC Pro Hosting as soon as possible. They charge to much for what you're getting. I suggest scrolling through some other threads to find a good host for you. I think a good option for you is to get a VPS, maybe from OVH. If you prefer shared/managed hosting I think you will be best of with a host like Anvilnode or Clovux since they are well respected hosts and offer you a much lower price. Of course you could also wait until SkyNode releases ;)
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