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  1. Does anyone have any advice on how to set up DoS/DDoS protection on a dedicated server? I'm running on an OVH dedicated Games Server, if that info is useful.
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  2. Normally these are automated especially on OVH I BELIEVE. However I would check any relevant docs if any are there for this if they exists.
  3. OVH automarically setups of DDos protection measures. You do, however, need to set up the firewall with the ports. When a ddos attack occurs, the ports you have set up will be the only ones to allow incoming connections. Failure to set up your Firewall prior to a DDOS attack could leave your dedicated server inoperable for the time of the attack.
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    (taking breath)

    hahahahahaha. Dude... just, no. That is so full of wrong. The TLD has fuckall to do with whether you get DDoS'd or not. Also getting a domain does not protect your "numbered ip" as you call it. You do realize the entire point of a domain is just to make getting the IP easier, right? The domain name resolves to the IP. It's not bad advice to keep your IP safe, but it's unavoidable if you intend to open a public server unless you use a proxy of some sort like CloudFlare or the like to mask it.

    To protect yourself from DDoS, you need an intermediary to stop/deflect the traffic.
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  5. As almost everyone said, OVH Game servers (depending also on the game you select in your panel) will have a pretty good DDoS protection themselves. In addition, I would recommend either learning IPTables very well or hiring someone that knows this craft. IPTables is not easy and if you mess something up it can get bad, so be cautios.

    Some servers spend a lot of money on services just for DDoS Mitigation, but that's because they are big targets.
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