Double layer BungeeCord?

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  1. Heya!

    I currently run a large multiplayer server that uses bungeecord to separate out different worlds to distribute the load across our server box's multiple cores. We're looking to expand further and are in the process of creating several other servers besides our "main game" that we currently have running. I'd prefer to have all of these newer servers also accessible from the same IP, but adding them to the current "main game" bungeecord would cause problems. It would require a good deal of work to make it function in that way ( a custom reconnect location handler, a new inventory management system, and more), so I was wondering how feasible it is to put a bungeecord behind another bungeecord. The first one would be the bungeecord connecting the "main game" and the newer separate games we're starting up, and then the "main game" bungeecord would be behind it, linking all of the various worlds of the main game and handling the inventories and player locations within the main game. So a player on the main game would be routed through two separate bungee instances before connecting to an actual minecraft server.

    Does this work? Has anyone tried it? How does it perform? Would I be better off just using the single bungeecord and putting in the code work to make it function?

    Thanks guys!
  2. Without "code work", this wouldn't benefit and navigation would be hard.
  3. I have the same question. Has anyone done this?