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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by saphiria, May 26, 2016.

  1. saphiria


    So, this is an amazing free add-on that merges posts by the same user in a row within a specified amount of time (still allows you to bump the thread if its after X amount of time).

    • Based on user group permissions.
    • Time limit within which all double posts will get merged.
    • Time limit after which double posts "bump" the thread marking it as un-read and all watched thread alerts get sent out.
    • Option to set a message length limit beyond which a post will not be double merged.
    • Option to exempt the thread author from the double post merge when submitting the second post of the thread, either permanently or within X minutes.
    • Option to include the original post date when a merge 'bumps' the thread for the first time.
    • Quote alerts go out whenever the merging post includes a quote.
    • Username Tag alerts go out whenever the merging post includes a tag.
    • Thread and Forum watch alerts go out whenever the merging post 'bumps' the thread.
    • Optional divider tag includes a time stamp and is fully configurable via the style properties.
    • Less moderator work.
    • Still allows bumping thread if its after X amount of time (time limit).
    • Keeps people from bumping a thread if its before X amount of time (time limit).
    • Makes the forums look more professional.
    • etc, etc.
    I think this would be an amazing addition to the forums, and would like you to consider it. I have seen this add-on in action on other forums, and it works great.

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  2. i think this can be donator feature
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  3. Hex

    IRC Staff

    Making it a donor feature sounds like it would defeat the purpose of having it altogether.
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  4. saphiria


    Ehh, most donors are good about using the "edit" button, so there would be no need for this.


    This is an example of it in action on the MacRumors forum.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 6.53.10 PM.png
  5. Great suggestion @Saphiria helpful for spigot staff and also without the need of stupid bumps. Hope this gets added! :)
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  6. I agree, this would be a good addition to Spigot
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  7. FormallyMyles


    A lot of the new users to spigot I see posting lots of new threads about the same thing. It would be very beneficial in my eyes. +1
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  8. Yay I won't need glasses after all! :D
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  9. Agreed, seems like an amazing addition to add to Spigot.
  10. Sounds nice.
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  11. saphiria


    I would like to give this as friendly bump.