Spigot Double Your Experience 1.10_v1.4

A permissions based experience multiplier plugin

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    Double Your Experience - A permissions based experience multiplier plugin

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  2. @SmallSansSerif both the version on here and on bukkit are the same. When a new version is realeased it will appear on Spigot first as the bukkit staff team manually approve all uploaded, whereas here it's automatic.
  3. Thanks, I was just was confused with the version in the title and in the game it reads as 1.2.9

  4. nice plugins for RPG server, thanks you!
  5. Ah I was in a rush to release the update. I'll change that and re-release it tonight.

    Thank you. Glad you like it
  6. Great plugin, I have some suggestions, can you add a broadcast when we toggle the plugin ?
    Like "Xp multiplier is set to X" and "Xp multiplier is now off", with the possibility to change message (for translate).
    Thanks for this cool plugin !
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  7. @dartasen Thanks for the suggestion. I like that idea. Would you prefer being able to customize all messages or just the boardcast for toggle on/off and the multiplier option. I will also look into a translate feature.
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  8. another ideea, you can add support for 'scoreboard' or like that, a simple varable like ax %xprate% to display current XP rate,
    2. a timer support like as durexp multiplier <amount> [timer 1s/1m/1h/1d] (ofc <> = required , [ ] = optional )
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  9. @Fmohican I will be adding scoreboard support soon once I've learnt how to do it as I have never dealt with it before. And that's quite a good idea but once the timer is up I don't think there would be anyway to remove the perm node. Reason being when the server would restart the timer would start again.
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  10. You can use external time source to check data and hours or timestamp, after timer end you can remove from config/file
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  11. Indeed . What I was on about was removing the permission nodes from the permissions manager so that when the timer is up you cannot get more exp multiplier
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  12. If all messages could be customisables, it's nice too :)
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  13. OK I'll see what I can do. Without changing a lot of the code :)
  14. Just a general message if anyone wants to fork/commit the plugin, PM me
  15. Does this disable when one of the days are not in the config or does it stay enabled but not hand out extra XP? I thought I had configured to one day but it didn't seem to toggle off the plugin. Is that normal?
  16. For the plugin to be enable the days must be specified in the config.yml if they aren't then the plugin will not enable. Also the plugin will take into account the servers timezone and bad the timings of there.
  17. Seems like a cool plugin, could you add a timer to this? I would love to give my players a buff after they vote for 30 min or something with 2x exp :D
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  18. This is planned. Check out the To Do part of the Overview to see whats going to be added in due course