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  1. Good morning, I would like you to recommend me a supplement that allows me to stabilize enchants
    for example
    max_efficiency_enchant: 20 or punch, sharpness, etc
  2. This is possible with the /give command.
  3. [QUOTE = "chochoco4777, publicación: 4203316, miembro: 659159"] Esto es posible con el comando / give. [/ QUOTE]
    Nono, you are not understanding me, what I want is a complement that will allow me to place a maximum enchantment on a sword, for example if someone has a sword edge 100, to set it to 80 automatically if I set it like that in the config
  4. I don’t think such plugin already exist since you normally can’t go past the vanilla maximum enchant levels, try getting someone to do this for you.
  5. many custom enchant plugins do that.