Premium Dragon Hunter [Paid]

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    Dragon Hunter - Slain the dragon and become the Strongest Dragon Slayer

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  2. Can you add multiple dragons in the config? Would be cool to have different dragon names and if possible, different difficulties for dragons.

    Good luck with development!
  3. Hi, this seems a wonderful plugin!

    Will the dragon fly in normal world?:

    Code (Text):
      Name: "world"
    Kindly let me know.

  4. Will this support 1.11.2?
  5. Not tested yet, I'll test it as soon as I can.
  6. Not tested, I'll reply again when I test this.
  7. Thats a nice idea I'll take a look into it.
  8. Yes it works fine.
  9. Hi! Did you test it in normal world already?

  10. Yes, sorry for the delayed reply. You only need to change it in the config, it worked fine for me.
  11. Do you get errors in this version? If you do can you send them to me so i can update it faster.
  12. actually everything is working fine on 1.12 it was another plugin that made the problem....i got a question can you use another free plugin instead of leaderheads?? its little bit expensive i think :)
  13. actually everything seemed to work but now the dragon is stuck doing nothing and its health bar isnt there i tried respawn it nothing...

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  14. i
    I restarted the server and the bar is on...but still the dragon doesnt do anything...he is still in the same potition.
  15. if you link me the plugin I'll add support if the plugin has an API.
    About your problem below. Never happened to me while testing I'll take a look with the version 1.12 for now try to force spawn a new one to see if the new dragon moves and show the bar. Use "/dragon spawn" to do that.
  16. it shows the bar but the dragon doesnt move :/
  17. You're right, I'll try to fix it as soon as I can but wont be able to start fixing it until wednesday as I'm leaving today.
  18. allright i can wait :) by the way how the sign leader heads works? i tried to set the sign writing on it''d-slayer'' but nothing happens :)
  19. There an small bug with the latest versions of leaderheads, I'm already in contact with the dev of this plugin. For now I've been using the LeaderHeads 2.7.3 version if I'm not wrong.