Spigot DragonSlayer 0.9.4

The Dragon will rise again.... !! (and bring its brothers!)

  1. Excuse me my English, I appreciate your patience.
    When dragon dies, the PORTAL appears

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  2. The portal should only appear once!
    When there is a value 'createportal' set to true, the portal will appear again.
    If 'createportal' is false no portal will be placed.
    createportal is automaticaly set to false after the first portal was build...
    If resetcrystal is on true, the crystals, the towers and the portal will be reset --> the portal can appear again.

    PS: which version of spirot is your server ..?
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  3. When the dragon dies, I see there is a command that console executes, it does /ping everytime the dragon dies, perhaps that is why?
    Also there is a mob.yml in the AdvancedEnchantments plugin which I use to tell which mobs to drop stuff.

    I'm not at home rn, but the mobs.yml config looks something like this:

    chance: 99
    - 'randomenchantmentbook:1' (the :1 indicating how many it should drop)
  4. No, that is just a dummy-command that gets executed when the dragon dies.You can use it for whatever you want...
    OK, i think the plugin has an event that runs whenever a mob dies, looks what mob it was and does the stuff configured in that config.
    But it's strange that it doesn't recognize when the dragon dies anymore...
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  5. Yeah, I don't know what to do, I've told the developer and then he released a 'bugfix' that didn't work. It's strange. I will try some different versions of the plugins.
  6. Great news!
    I found the issue
    trydragonautofix: true
    nomcdragonrespawn: 'false'
    First, I set nomcdragonrespawn to false, then reloaded the config and it didnt drop anything, then I set the trydragonautofix to true, reloaded and voila! It drops the items. I hope anyone having the same issue is reading this. :)

    Okay, so after messing around with it a bit, I found out that it only drops the desired item once, and then just never does it again. Changing around in the config can also make the item not drop. I tried with a almost default config, only things I changed are the two things stated above. I've got no clue.
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  7. Is there a way that, if the players kill the dragon, they will have a certain time to loot the end , after this time ("resetworlddelay") they will spawn in the overworld.
    I enabled "respawnplayers" but if the End is recreated i get teleported back into the end :/
  8. You can use the "respawncommand" for that.
    If you want the world to reset and the player to teleport to overworld (and not back)..

    respawncommand: 'mvtp $player world;....multiverse commands to recreate your world (copy an existing world or create a new one...)...'

    there is an example in the wiki...

    PS: Next version will have a feature that decides whether or not the players need to be teleported back to the end or not... (if resetworld is true, and respawnplayers is true (or false...)
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  9. Already tried with the respawncommand but everytime ' get deleted and the command didnt execute :/
  10. As mentioned before (many times... :) ) any change to the config should be done while the server is NOT running ...
    OR: use the reload command (/dsl reload) to activate the changes before you restart the server...
  11. Jeppa updated DragonSlayer with a new update entry:

    0.9.4: Move It... OneByOne ;)

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  12. Hello I have to ask this because I'm afraid to use this not knowing what the use of it.
    What is the reset world means? because I am using a custom map, I'm afraid it will delete the world or reset the world back from the start and remove all the designs that are added in the map. does it mean that if the players destroy blocks on the world, it will just revert them back once the map resets?
  13. No, reset realy resets the world!!
    It is a fresh new clean world after that..
    If you want to keep your custom map you should NOT use it ;)

    You could use resetcrystal instead.
    This only resets the Towers and the crystals...

    Or coyp a copy of your existing world over to revert to a known state of your custom world...
    How to do this is in the examples on the wiki page...
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  14. thank you very much the problem was solved!
    Have you thought about adding the option of who else hits the dragon is the "dragonSlayer" instead of who gives the last hit?
  15. It's already in there : alternativereward... Reward for all fighters...
    But, the one who kills it is the Dragon slayer (who else...) ;)
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  16. I understand, I love it but some users complain because they have hurt the dragon more and one that comes at the end gives it a touch and gets the title and the prefix, but its plugin is great.
  17. Hello! so I found the reason for the error with the custom drops from the ender dragon.
    Apparently the enderdragon's death explosions can destroy the drops before they reach the ground, which is what I've observed after doing a lot of testing.
    Would it be possible for you to add a enable/disable enderdragon death explosions in the config?
  18. I'm not sure...
    Never tried to change the explosion... need to find it first and see if i can do anything with it...
  19. Understandable, also another thing I've uncovered is that the drops almost always drop when you kill the dragon with a sword.
    When killing it with the bow its like 1/5 times it drops loot. Odd. Anyway, I thank you a lot for your help. :)
  20. hello, im trying to make being a dragonslayer a requirement for a rankup plugin im using, it would help if you tell me what kind of value is used when setting the player to a "dragonslayer" state, thanks!