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The Dragon will rise again.... !! (and bring its brothers!)

  1. /dsl scoreboardreset
    and 'respawndelay' in config?
  2. How exactly does adding a second dragon to a world work? I want multiple dragons in my end dimension: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary dragon. Is there any way I can make it so there's a smaller chance that a legendary dragon would spawn? And if so, how does that work, I've read the page but still couldn't really find anything about adding multiple dragons with specific spawn chances...
  3. Hello please add a feature to DragonSlayer plugin
    Dragon Difficulty or Dragon Level:
    Let's say in the config
    Levels = true
    HP: 200
    Damage: 4
    Regeneration: 1

    Level can be set depends on how many players are in the End World
    so if there are 5 players then the stats will multiply to the level
    HP: 200 * level 5 = 1000HP

    the HP should still continue if some players will leave
    if current hp is = 500/1000hp
    then 1 player will leave
    then the hp remains at 500
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  4. Hello Sir good day! is it possible to put delay on skills? like in resetting the world manually by command using multiverse I want to delay it by 5 to 10 minutes for the players to still get their items after killing the dragon
  5. Something like that is on my todo-list already ;)

    There is a delay for the world-reset already. And if you use the command-features for giving rewards to the players this won't need any delay.

    I'm currently working on a 'big' update, that has extended multi-dragon functionality with separate commands for each dragon, multiple spawn/portal position etc.
    Still needs a lot of testing...
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  6. Add an additional name for it using 'name_1' etc. (next release will have a command for that)
    If you have multiple dragons in your config all will spawn!
    If you only want to have one of those at a time, you need to set 'onebyone' to true!
    But: All dragons have the same spawn chance...
    You could add more dragons of a type to have a higher chance for that type of dragon...
  7. Hello sir thank you for the fast response, however I wasn't using the world-reset to reset the end world because I am using a custom end world map or schematics.. I am only using the command (after the dragon will be killed) and that's why I need a timer for it because after killing the dragon, the mvdelete and mvclone world will automatically executed and the items of the players that are dropped from death will be lost because they are teleported at spawn upon killing the dragon..
  8. @khelpire: Just use the 'respawncommand' for that , as mentioned in the ConfigWiki (main page) -> exactly what you are looking for ;)
  9. Server puts this up on server shutdown. Does not effect the server at all. Just noticed it every time I shut it down.

    Nag author: 'Jeppa' of 'DragonSlayer' about the following: This plugin is not properly shutting down its async tasks when it is being shut down. This task may throw errors during the final shutdown logs and might not complete before process dies.
  10. Hi. When upgrading to 1.16.4 we get the following warnings from dsl:
    Code (Text):
    [00:26:06 WARN]: [DragonSlayer] Unknown or unsupported Version :v1_16_R3 ,can't handle original dragonbattle...(yet?)
    [00:26:06 WARN]: [DragonSlayer] Unknown or unsupported Version :v1_16_R3 ,can't handle end-gateways...(yet?)
    I see it's not a critical error, but of course it would be nice if you could update dragonslayer to 1.16.4 :)
  11. 1.16.4 update is on it's way....
    needs some more testing, as it's a big one (more features etc.)
  12. LoneDev


    @Jeppa can you:
    - check why the crystals are spawning 1 block under the bedrock? my players cannot break them. I also tried regenerating the world..
    - /drs regen should have a confirm message, if executed by mistake can reset the world by mistake.
  13. The crystals that spawn on the portal to refresh the world? That's a bug in minecraft... it searches for the portal and sometimes the y-value is not correct. That's the reason (imho) why there are two y-values accepted when placing those crystals by hand...
    The next release should work, as the portal position is handled different...
    And players SHOULD not break the crystals when crystals are the ones from automated refresh, as that would disable next dragon respawn, even if a timer is running ... so... that's not a bug! It was a bug fix!!!

    regen? there is no 'regen' command... do you mean 'reset' ?
    Maybe i'll add a confirm to it.. but : how can someone 'reset' a world by mistake? If someone has the permission to reset that world, he should know what he's doing !
    And leaving a bad review is not the way to make someone fix things i think...
    As a developer yourself you should know that...:(

    Another confirm that would be useful is for 'rem' or 'remspawn' command...
    I'll have a look...
    #973 Jeppa, Nov 12, 2020
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2020
  14. LoneDev


    Hello @Jeppa I removed the review, sorry I lost a lot of work because of this mistake, I used TAB to autocomplete and pressed reset instead of refresh.
    A confirmation would be good because it's a very important feature and everyone can make mistakes.

    Anyway, my players keep complain about the fact that ender crystal cannot be destroied and the enderdragon is invulnerable because of this.
    Am I missing something?

    Thanks for your support
  15. I'll add something like that... but not today ;)

    The crystals on top of the towers are not controlled by this plugin.
    Players should be able to destroy them!
    Only the crystals that appear when the world refreshes (on the portal) are protected.
  16. LoneDev


    I'm referring to the crystals on the portal.
    Players say they can't destroy them and the dragon keep getting healed by them, so it's impossible to kill the dragon. That's what I was saying.

    Let me know if I'm missing something as my players say they cannot kill the dragon at all because of this problem.

  17. That was a bug i also had ..
    Next release should be ok, but i'll take another look at this and add a fix !
  18. Do you have a release date for version 1.16.4?
  19. If nothing goes wrong .. i think tomorrow;)
  20. you should open a discord :)
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