Spigot DragonTravel v01.007.11

Travelling in Minecraft with style

  1. Is this controllable Dragon by W A S D key?
  2. No, this is based on stations (target locations) and/or pre-defined routes.
  3. Any news about 1.14.4 version? We really want it :C
  4. Haven't been able to work on it yet, sorry. Might be able to take a look at it tomorrow though.
  5. Piv


    Looks great, but latest version from the external site is

  6. Sorry, forgot to state that in the changelog.
    As always, the resources on BukkitDev need to be approved by the staff which might take a day. :)
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  7. @Piv File has been approved. :)
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  8. I was very excited about this plugin but have to say I am disappointed as I had a very annoying problem with it. I placed a stationery Dragon on my server for a friend to see. I could not remove it. I had previously placed one just to see what it looked like. I was able to remove it easily, but not this one. I subsequently deleted the plugin from my server, and low and behold, the stationary dragon was still there. Without a clue what to do with it....I started hitting it, it flew off and I thought de materialized. Only to log in later and find it flying in another area. It was also roaring which made me suspicious that something was wrong. I then went ahead and tried to kill it, and was successful. But it acted as though I had killed the ender dragon. Now I will have to re spawn it, if when the end is eventually breached, the dragon is not there. So your plugin, for whatever reason, converted that stationery dragon into the ender dragon. You might want to fix that....just saying. >_>
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  9. @Hitliz I'm really sorry to hear you encountered a problem with DragonTavel.

    In a normal case, stationary dragons should not "get stuck" like that and it should always be possible to remove them with the normal command. In some rare cases you might encounter such a thing and you could really help me by providing an exact description of the situation it happened in as a ticket at BukkitDev or GitHub (what did you do, what was the name of the dragon, etc.). In such a case, you can often remove a buggy dragon using the command /dt rembugdragon (see documentation) while standing right next to it.

    Removing the plugin is not a good solution and can lead to the behaviour you encountered afterwards and I would like to explain to you why this happens:

    The RyeDragons which DragonTravel spawns are in fact normal EnderDragons, just like the ones Minecraft offers already, but we modify them a bit so they "follow our commands" and constantly prevent them from following their usual behaviour (flying around and destroying stuff).
    The problem now is that as soon as you remove the plugin, the server does not know about the special "RyeDragons" anymore and there is nobody controlling the dragon anymore which means that it is "free" to follow what it would normally do: flying around (and maybe destroying stuff).
    If you then kill it, the game recognizes it as what it is: An EnderDragon (it is a special one, but the server does not really recognize that anymore).

    To be honest, I never received a report of this happening even though it only seems logical to me that admins uninstall the plugin without thinking about such consequences. Do you have any idea how we could warn users about it? Of course we can add some warning to the documentation etc., but I guess many users won't read it there...
    Since we cannot run any code "when the plugin is uninstalled" since the server is turned off at that time, the only thing I can think about is to make sure we completely remove the dragons when shutting down the server and add them back again when starting it the next time.
    To find the source of the problem "a stationary dragon cannot be removed", it would be great if there were reports on scenarios in which the problem occured (e.g. which name you used for the stationary dragon, what you did in which order, etc.). A perfect report would include simple steps which enable me to reproduce the situation and that way find its source (and fix it).

    Once again, I can only say that I'm really sorry that the plugin didn't work the way you expected it to work and you had a bad time!
  10. To me has happened that i am trying to do /kill @e killall, and nothing, i cant remove it.
    I kill them with a diamond sword, but when i restart they stay in the same pos.
    I like cry xD
  11. Phiwa updated DragonTravel with a new update entry:

    Added compatibility with CB/Spigot 1.16.1

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  12. Phiwa updated DragonTravel with a new update entry:

    Fixed two bugs

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  13. No idea what happened there, I'm not able to edit the link, I guess.
    Thanks for the info, I'm going to check the link twice when releasing the next version. ;)

    UPDATE: Looks a bit strange since it only seems to fail on first try. Maybe a problem with Cloudflare? The URL itself looks good...
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  14. Stationary dragons can be killed...

    And they are bugged... sometimes a dragon multiplies to more than 200 dragons at the same position...
  15. Does anyone have an alternative wiki link? The one listed on the description page seems to be gone.