Spigot Dream Man Hunt version 1.2.1-release

A recreation of the Assassin / Man hunt game used in some of Dream's videos

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    Dream Man Hunt - A recreation of the Assassin / Man hunt game used in some of Dream's videos

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  2. Would really enjoy a version where I can actually use for a server... Like randomize groups, a sign to make it work, respawn enderdragon if he dies, lose message, you get it
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  3. Hello, I'm currently alone on my server but when my friend will pick a speedrunner role will I get a compass? And btw how to track players?
  4. I'm completely new to plugins, can you reply with a copy and paste of what to put in the console, also, how do i get to Plugins/Assassin/config.yml?
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  5. How do you get the assassin's compass? I have the command set to true but I'm unable to access the compass for tracking. I tried to take any compass and set the command to true, but it still didn't track the speedrunner.
  6. i would also like to figure out how i would get to this place as i am having trouble finding it
  7. I have downloaded the plug-in on my apex hosting server but the only command that seems to work is assigning the roles. when i type /assassin compass-tracking true it gives me a weird code in white letters
  8. Hello. I have set tracking compass to true and added my speedrunner and assassin but when I do /assassin to reload the config the assassin doesn't get the compass? Any way to fix or am I doing anything wrong. Thanks
  9. @MiczPrd download a version 1.1, it will automatically add a compass to Assassin's invertory when you add someone to assassin team.
  10. Update 1.1 says nametags for assassins are hidden, can this be switched off? if so, then the plugin sounds perfect.
  11. For now there is no such option.
  12. hi do you know if you can configure the plugin via a website like mcprohosting?
  13. When "compass-random-different-worlds" is false and there are no speedrunners in the same world as you, the compass points back to world spawn, is there a way where where the compass would point to the nether portal they've entered
  14. Can we get this version for just normal manhunt? Like hunters v speedrunner
  15. @Biscuittttt You can use the config to configure the plugin to just have the compass enabled, just like the normal speedrunner vs hunter
  16. Hey Creators
    This plugin works wonderfully in the overworld. However when both the assassin and speedrunner are in the Nether. The compass slowly wanders randomly like it would in vanilla.
    Is there a spigot setting that would be overriding the compass behavior in the nether?

    I've been trying multiple plugins like this and all of them fail to work in the nether. Even if they claim they do.

    Thanks in advance!