Spigot Dream Minecraft Manhunt (with optional Discord music integration) 1.4

Minecraft Manhunt minigame with compass tracking and Discord integration!

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    Dream-style Manhunt - Minecraft Manhunt minigame with compass tracking and Discord integration!

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  2. Please add the permissions to the plugin description, I had to comb through your project to find them..


  3. Will do, thank you.
  4. Plugin is awesome.. any way to blacklist the compass though? I've set up a world specifically for this game and the compass wants to track in every world no matter what..
  5. Thanks for using the plugin! I'm not sure what you mean by "blacklist the compass."

    If you mean you want to disable the plugin when you're done with the game, you can simply move the .jar into the plugins folder when you're running Manhunts and move it out of the folder when you're done.

    If instead you mean you only want the compass to work in the overworld, you can change the compassEnabledInNether setting in your config.yml file to false.

    Please reply if you have any more questions!
  6. I have the game running in it's own separate world. In order to take the plugin out I have to shut down the server. So that means that in order to run your plugin my server has to be dedicated to manhunt because the compass prompts you for the player name you want to track.. even when there is no hunt active.
    So that was the basis of my question. Is there a way to blacklist worlds where the plugin will not function OR is there a possibility of the compass returning to normal when you are not in a Hunt.. making it so that ONLY the players that are currently involved in a hunt, so that ONLY their compasses behave as you have programmed them to be used during a hunt. NOT during normal play.
  7. Unfortunately there is no such feature currently, but I'll consider adding it in the next version (most likely in v1.2.4). Thanks for the feedback.
  8. @TacoGerbil I just released version 1.2.4 which only allows current Manhunt players to use the compass, as requested. Please note that for server operators, an error message will show when a non-player tries to click the compass, but when non-ops click the compass they will not see this error.
  9. Could you perhaps make it so that when hunters die, they are automatically given a compass? The /compass command should still be in place incase you don't get one.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion! This feature has been added in the latest release (version 1.3).