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Discussion in 'Gaming Lounge' started by belal, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. what pc would u like to get? what specs?
  2. andrewkm

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    A maxed out Mac Pro.
    Just need a cool $50,000. :(
  3. there is so much money, with a laptop im happy xd
  4. why though? Like if you have enough money, a PC would be way more powerful that a mac.
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  5. I prefer a PC as it's better for gaming, but that's just me :)
  6. Can't really get that much more than a 28 core Xeon boosting to 4.4GHz, 1.5TB RAM, 2 Vega 2 GPUs and 8TB of SSD
  7. That's good xd I'm still stuck with a GT 730 and an I5
  8. 2nd handed parts chould be relativly cheap.
    I've seen gtx 770's go for $50 for example.
  9. I live somewhere where 50$ is a lot :eyes:
  10. A laptop that's like an Nintendo switch with data backup, 48h battery life, a lot of FAST cores(like 16, 5ghz), 1 terabyte of storage, 1 petabyte of backup storage, full hd touchscreen, inbuild mouse, connected to an rtx when docked, 64gb of ram, sim card port, sd card port, micro sd card port, dvd reader.

    The dock would have a 4k screen, mechanical keyboard, 100€ mouse.
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  11. A $50,000 Mac is about as powerful as a $1,000 Windows PC. :coffee:
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  12. Well, with Mac books you buy the mark not the specs.
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  13. I'd definitely do this build:

    x2 GPU: gtx 2080 (or whichever one is newest now...)
    Hyper fury x 128GB ddr4
    Asus rog zenith extreme alpha x399
    AMD Ryzen threadripper

    All custom water cooling system
    3+ BenQ screens
    Surround sound
  14. I want a Intel Core i5-9600K , i have already the 1660 Super OC by gigabyte
  15. I already have the PC of my dreams
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  16. Until you wake up, and then you will find out that there is something better!
  17. Would be good if someone hooked me up with an IBM supercomputer and also paid for the land and electricity and water costs
  18. Ya I wouldnt mind that either
  19. A custom water cooling with white or red water
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  20. Pff, obviously one with a lot of LEDs :ROFLMAO: