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Pets with AI or not, choose one and have fun

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    DreamPets - Pets with AI or not, choose one and have fun

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  2. Do you take suggestions for this?
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  3. Yes I only wait for this :D
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  4. this may be over the top but:

    Maybe rpg pets style:
    I believe you should add some type of "skill & levelup" system for your pets.. let me explain a bit more:
    • Pets have six core stats
      • Health - A pet's maximum health
      • Attack - A pet's damage done to enemies
      • Defense - A pet's ability to absorb damage
      • Speed - A pet's ability to move or be ridden quickly
      • Special Attack - A pet's ability to do damage from special abilities
      • Special Defense - A pet's ability to absorb damage done from special abilities
    • Pets level up through battle, every enemy defeated gets your pet closer to a new level!
    • A "Pet points" system to allow for a limit on mobs. Want people to have 2 cows and a blaze out? You can configure it!
    maybe even..
    • Pets retain their special traits:
      • Shulkers are immobile but target enemies with their flotation bullets
      • Blazes float in the air and shoot fireballs
      • Chickens glide through the air for an effortless ride
      • Polar Bears swim better than any other rideable pet
      • Snow Men leave a trail behind them to help you track enemies
      • Iron Golems throw enemies into the sky
      • Magma Cubes hurt enemies if they get too close
      • Slimes duplicate, leaving behind a mess for your opponent to deal with
      • Withers and bats float in the air
      • Skeletons shoot arrows
      • Ice Skeletons shoot ice arrows
    • maybe more if you have more ideas..

    and finally.

    • Create and edit your own custom balls! Want an ultra ball? You can have one!
    • Give your custom balls a recipe for your players to craft!
    • allows you to catch, train and trade mobs with many different abilities! Mobs are fully customizable to allow for easy balancing and changing of pet stats! Pets can help defend you from other players and mobs, as well as help you get around with full ride-ability and custom pet inventories.
    • allows you to create custom balls to catch mobs with! You can pick and choose how well the ball catches mobs, and what types of mobs it can catch! Mob info is saved based on Lore data, and an admin spawning method allows for easy integration with BuyCraftand similar ItemMeta supporting sales systems!
    totally not like a similar game type.

    • Legendary pets can be caught, which are rare pets with higher final stats values! Don't like legendary pets? You can remove them!
    • Customizable pets
      • All pets can be given inventories of many sizes
      • All pets base stats when caught can be edited
      • All pet "IVs" (or increase in stat per level) can be edited
      • You can choose what pets can be ridden or not
      • Edit how many pet points a pet is worth! Don't want people to have 5 withers out, but do want them to be able to have 5 cows out? Use pet points!
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  5. Wow is more than just suggestions, it's great, (It looks like a little too much a pokemon but the idea is there)

    I will note all this on my side and i will see after my exams for coding
    Thank you,
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