Drop effect on Essentials Kit Claiming

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by miguelrebolo, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Hello, im making a Skyblock server and I have a question. I want one option for Example When you claim Diamond kit(Contain x64 diamonds) you get a visual effect like diamond fountain drop effect used on plugins like Block Particles. When you claim the kit with the correct permissions you see this effect 10 seconds you Can't pickup the items and the diamonds after the 10 seconds dissapear. I Google it and i watch some videos but nothing found about this. I think one plugin on Bukkit or Spigot its created. Guys I Need your help to find the Name.
  2. Hmm.. I want claim the kit with deluxemenus and I want spawn ítem effect. I think with Armor stands its possible.
  3. Would be nice to see the video.
  4. Deluxemenus will have the option to send multiple commands, set one to be the /kit command and another to send the command for the effect, when you can find a plugin that will do this.
  5. If it's with DM, so you can try using the plugin I send ^^ Would be easier x) like v_M_v said, deluxemenu can send multiple commands at once.