Drop Items and Armour on Logout

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  1. Can someone point me in the direction of a mod that will cause a player's entire inventory and armour to drop when they disconnect? My server has an economy based on trade in a confined space, and rampant thievery, and we want to ensure valuable items can't be protected by logging out.

    If no such mod exists, anyone care to make one?
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  3. Hey! I put together a plugin that does this for you - if you want any tweaks please just send me a message.

    The source code and .jar are in the attached zip file.

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  4. Hello. It works great! We're very happy and we'd like to send you some money. Is there a secure way for us to do that?
  5. Sure i would appreciate that but it's not necessary unless you really want to! This account is still new so i cant PM yet. If you add me on skype (andrew.johnson4258) i could give you info there.
  6. Hi
    I loved your plugin!
    i have a question, could you update that?
    and can you add something pls!
    when you disconnect staying on a specific world.