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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a plugin that I can whitelist the things that the player will be able to drop or die, ie if there is a Kit that contains Bow + arrows. I want the arrows to drop but the Bow disappears (just an example)
    please help me if you know a plugin that does this : )
  2. You could try Essential X and change the permissions of the kit or use a plugin like itemjoin
    Which gives you options to restrict items, I dont think they disappear but if someone thats not from that rank or permission group tries using the item they wont be able too.

    My friends used this plugin called levelpoints which gives items and weapons a level that if youre not that level you cant use the item, it becomes locked.

    Hopefully this helps? :)
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  3. You could try writing your own script using the plugin Skript, I don't really think there's a plugin that does what you want.
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  4. I don't understand very well, but this will be more kit-pvp plugins, eacho so exactly would not have free.

    Eng. Caio Vinicius.
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  5. Thanks everyone for trying to help, I found a good plugin that's not exactly what I wanted but works