[DROPED]Include external library to my plugin

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by xenxei, May 11, 2017.

  1. Hi there,

    I'm developing a plugin and I'm having some troubles to include a external library (jxl.jar) to my plugin. I'm using that library and if i don't put it to my plugin everything explodes. I have tried to make a maven project but i can't import the dependencies to the plugin.

    Any ideas? Ty!
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  2. You will have to export the library with your jar file when you build your project. Depending on the IDE you are using, the process of setting this up will be done slightly different.
  3. Just asking: Have you tried running your plugin on a spigot server yet? If so did you put jxl.jar into that servers plugins folder aswell? And plugins you using as dependencies need to be running on the server your using the plugin on!
  4. I have tried to run the plugin in bukkit and spigot servers and it don't works in any of those. I have also tried to put the jxl.jar in the plugins folder and nohting. I'm out of ideas.
  5. Hmm, what IDE are you using?
  6. which program you use?
  7. That would only matter if jxl is a plugin.

    Post your POM. If you want to use an external library at runtime then you need to shade the dependency into your jar.