Spigot DropSound v1.5.3

Play sound when Player Drop any Items

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    DropSound - Play sound when Player Drop any Items

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  2. And what does the new update have?
  3. Code (Text):
    # Enable the Drop Sound
    Enable: true
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  4. Thanks.
  5. Maybe add a feature that groups have other sounds?
  6. can you add some more sounds like anvil breaking block breaking thunder experience etc
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  7. Huh? not only when Player Drops Items??
  8. He means like, add more sounds, like a anvil falling down, or xp bottles being used, lightning sounds, ect ect...
  9. When player drop items, or what?
  10. Yeah yeah, when the player drops a(n) item.
  11. You can edit it :T
    Code (Text):
    # The sound will play when player Drop Item
    Drop Sound: CHICKEN_EGG_POP
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  12. He means if you drop Anvil it would be sound like anvil dropping :p and more items that sounds custom ...
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  13. Let me try to make it!
  14. please add me list of sound new link
  15. Hey can you put the updated link for the list of sounds on the plugin page. I was dying to find where it was and luckily someone here in the threads asked. And two of your plugins will be featured in my newest video in a couple of hours :D
  16. Ok!!